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Paul Olai-Olssen
Rød føflekk på venstre hånd, et fint arr på låret og avkuttet venstre lillefinger... :)
Rød føflekk på venstre hånd, et fint arr på låret og avkuttet venstre lillefinger... :)


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Folkehøgskolene i Norge 16/17
Folkehøgskolene i Norge teller totalt 80, inklusive pensjonistskoler, rubbel og bit. Gjennom 20 år har jeg besøkt mer enn 50 av disse minst en gang med mitt inspirasjonsforedrag - 30 bare dette skoleåret (flere innlegg på taggen  folkehøgskoler ). Jeg har h...

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Farris Bad - sauna og isbad!
Jeg er en mann. Farris Bad er et spa. Deri ligger en motsetning. Eller snarere lå . Nå har jeg nemlig vært der. Jeg har klint meg inn i honning i den finske badstuen, jeg er boblet, spylt, steamet, aromafisert og nedkjølt. Om hverandre. Igjen og igjen. Nevn...

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Folkehøgskolene mener:
Folkehøgskolene var målet for høstens sykkelturne med inspirasjonsforedraget til Pauls Planet. Tilbakemeldinger er alfa og omega for å utvikle dette videre, derfor la jeg på noen av høstens 23 skoler ut skjema til frivillig utfylling.  Bloggtittelen viser a...

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Tour of schools 2015
After 15 years of giving inspirational travel talks in "folk high schools", I am now doing a hard core tour by bicycle. Let me explain that a "folkehøgskole" is a one year boarding school with students averaging 19 years of age, with less focus on grades an...

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The toughest man.
Imagine you live on one of the most remote spots in Europe. You tend your sheep farm, as your parents before you. Then, one slippery winter day you slide off the steep road leading away from the wind blown bay where you manage to make a living. You are para...

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Iceland's Wild West
It was late in the season, but I pushed on and reached Làtrabjarg, which is the end of the road in Europe when you go west. Few people inhabit this part of Iceland and I got to know a fine selection of them. They brought me to search for stray sheep before ...

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Skagafjordur horse gathering
All episodes of this series are subtitled in English and Norwegian. Sharing is caring, make sure to subscribe to  PaulsPlanetLive Youtube channel and follow PaulsPlanet on Facebook . "brennivin" comes in many shapes Sometimes on your trips, you meet people ...

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Big trucks in Iceland
Gunnar's Econoline Icelands first television sets were installed after the US base in Keflavik was established and they started broadcasting the kind of stuff the USAnians are served by their broadcasters. Iceland did not produce until much later, and this ...

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Diving in Iceland
crack camping See the episode above, and click on the images for better viewing, as in all my blog posts. This time, I have visited Thingvellir, or rather Þingvellir, which has a special place in Icelands history. Since 1930 it has been a national park , an...

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Diving in Dahab II
Puffer Fish, only deadly if eaten. This is what to look for. We were only in Dahab for three days, of which two were diving. The Bishbishi camp was recommended to us, and I will gladly pass on the recommendation, as Jimmy and his mates offer a safe and inex...
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