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Good commentary--and I finally got an answer as to why there were so many estate agents hanging about and what purpose they served when one could deal directly with the developer. I suppose the purpose of the big launches is to draw in more prospective buyers, and clearly it's a tactic to get fence-sitters to commit.

By my count there was only one studio unit available on the 11th at the Al Zahra I launch. By "available" I mean there was only one unit out of the 300+ units in the complex which was a studio. So, this was absolutely a gimmick. And yes, the units are small--a 2 bed-room unit the same size is the 1 bedroom unit I currently live in.

That said, there is still value to be had in this project. The selling prices are still reasonable and although the area is undeveloped at the moment, it is more than apparent that it's going to be a very built-up corridor very soon with Emaar, Damac, Dubai Properties and so many large-scale residential developments in the area well under way.

Even the launch had it's merits. I got in less than an hour before doors opened and still had a chance to go for a 2-bed unit. There was nice live music, excellent displays of the project and good eats. And fortunately the "bouncers" eventually turned away people who couldn't show that they were really potential buyers. But you're right in the article about the lines filling up with laborers. They should have prevented this at the head of the queue.

Anyway, I knew absolutely what to expect. I was at Emaar's Downtown Views launch a week earlier. By comparison it was rather mellow at Nshama's.

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Making Email Writing Easier
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Writer's Block
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go on? This, of course, is a common challenge in any type of
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What's your take on business writing?

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