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vintage, collectibles, repurposed, upcycled, handmade, homemade, home decor, wedding decor, ecrater, etsy,
vintage, collectibles, repurposed, upcycled, handmade, homemade, home decor, wedding decor, ecrater, etsy,


Since I am so behind on things...everything....wasn't there something we could use to get shorter URLs for our Google+ pages? Would appreciate the link for this if you have it anyone:)

FINALLY!! That Adobe Flash Player is a joke!! The 11.7 version won't work for me, the 11.9....newest version won't work for me, the instructions they give for you to install older version with a zip file...that is a joke! Kept digging, going thru files they suggested with zip files....FINALLY found one that would download, and not tell me it could not be completed because I needed a newer version. IF I could download a newer version, and have it work that would be great!! According to their forums at am not the only one having issues, or still having issues. Sad:(

Ok...I am hating Adobe Flash Player! It is not working with my FireFox browser at all! I have updated FireFox, downloaded new version of Adobe turning off my anti-virus, and my threatfire, and it still is having issues downloading! What the heck! Looks like I will have to go back to an old version of it that worked for me before...darnit!

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WOW!! I sure hope I do much better with organization, and keeping up with things in 2014!! How about you? Have you set some goals for yourself? I generally don't set goals, and if I do....they are small ones so that when I achieve them I feel good about it, and set more small ones to accomplish.

I wanted to organize better with my shops, blog, website, and social networking. I started with some of it. I gave my notice to close one of my shops. I will now be selling with Etsy, Ecrater, and once in a while with Ebay, too.

Spending time with my blog which I do enjoy, and applying some time to my my blog shoppe page too My Shoppe pg shows items for sale, buy it now buttons are there, or if you see something that you like you may contact me to invoice you as well too.

ALL a working progress, and here's hoping to a wonderful, and prosperous New Year everyone!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Have fun, and be safe!

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Hey, when you get a chance stop by to visit Me with my blog at Also, while there you can click the tab on top of page, or go to my Shoppe page by visiting Don't forget to say Hi so that I know you visited, ok? Thanks for sharing time with LilacsNDreams. Have a Happy Day everyone!

Got the new URL that google+ was sending notices to me about. Can't change it except for capitalization of letters....their example showed it could be done. Sooooo, I am changing 2 of my letters to capital ones, and every time I save it.....It goes back to the way they have it printed without my adjustment that I keep doing, and keep saving. Not getting an error message, so does Google have some kind of glitch again?

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Visit my LilacsNDreams Site at Read, view, and always welcome to comment and share too. See Ya!

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Visit VINTAGE RISING at The Vintage Village. Items not quite vintage, crafts, craft supplies, handmade, and some really fun merchants sharing their items they are offering. We are growing, and much there to see. Come visit with Us, and thanks for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams!:)

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My site posting for Monday. Visit to read, share, and make sure to say Hi with your visit as well. Thanks for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

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Where Vintage Never Gets Old . . . Great community to share, learn, ask questions, get some help, and everyone works together. Check out a new Group there that everyone is excited with, is growing, and would love to have you visit...Vintage Rising! Hope to see you all there:)
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