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Anand S Unni
Writer. Reader. Traveler. Photographer. Dreamer. Philosopher. A genuine go-getter. Socialist. Communist. Anarchist. And a Failed Engineer!
Writer. Reader. Traveler. Photographer. Dreamer. Philosopher. A genuine go-getter. Socialist. Communist. Anarchist. And a Failed Engineer!

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The Cleansing
It was on a scorching summer morning in the middle of May that Yusuf decided it was time to clean his room. It was never an abrupt decision, but a planned one. In fact he imagined the procedure countless times over, as to what item (currently in disorder) w...

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The Purpose
Hello there. My name is Sagan. Though I do not have anything common with Carl Sagan, except maybe that I think a lot, I got the name because my father loved it. I love being called Sagan, it is as if the person survives within me as much as in your memories...

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Room No.22
All my life I have never known what madness is. I have seen people who are branded mad; who do not go well with society’s vision of normality, who stands out, who would not settle, who lives in their self-created havens - alone and hopeless.  But I say I ha...

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The Call
* Dedicated to that special friend who is going away * 'There is something deeper than love, something which seeks me, or rather calls me onto it. I'm powerless against it, I'm too weak to fight it away!' Frost covered all around like cold wildflowers. It w...

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It was during a spring 15 years back, when Salim had
announced that the only way to drink alcohol was to let it slowly clutch him towards
death and when Matthew would realize that God was being ceaselessly raped by
his knowledge, that I began going out with...

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The Walk
Receding lights of the day stabs me as I prepare for my final walk, The glass of milk you saved for me will remain on my table untouched, Words, what remains to be read and what I wrote, Will lie beside my armchair, you can read it if you want to, Clothes w...

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“What matters in life is not what happens to you, but what
you remember and how you remember it.” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez “Blessed are the forgetful, for they get the better even of
their blunders.” – Friedrich Nietzsche - It was since last spring that Sam...

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Stars studded on your hair Guides me through seas of despair, Winds which graze your face Blows past me bleak. Freya. Light! Love! My life! Night grows around me, Your love holds me deep, Free me from your rune! Searching - I've grown old, Words slip out co...

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Think Naked | An Open Letter
Dear perpetrator of hatred, First of all let me say that I respect you as a human being and would not want to use violence or hate speech to raise my point. In fact I am not even beginning to think it would make a difference; you can shout, throw ink, depor...

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The Gift
. Dedicated to the person who forced me to write today! ;) . It was the third straight Christmas in which I packed a gift for myself and kept it hidden in the attic. There is a thrill to finding unexpected gifts, which rather ignites in me a mixed spirit of...
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