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Barbara Daniels
Founder, President and CEO of The Caffe Publishing Group LLC
Founder, President and CEO of The Caffe Publishing Group LLC

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RT Gary Vaynerchuk: #real

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"Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed." ~Corita Kent #quotes #success #life #moments

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Great review!

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Just checked this out. Looks interesting...

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Interesting results on what motivates Beta Testers, with incentives coming in much lower than product improvement or early access to products. 

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Wow! Neal's got quite a power circle going on here!
My Top 99 Social Media Engagers Circle - THANK YOU!

Every now and then I like to reach out and thank everyone, who I might not have had a chance to personally thank, by creating a circle to both express my gratitude as well as help you find new and engaging people to follow on Google Plus. With that I bring you this circle of my top 99 social media engagers - a group of great #googleplus  users who often share and engage with a variety of social media, marketing, and SEO content.

As always, I like to try to introduce you to my connections with some of the people in this circle to give you a feel for who they are and how I know them:

Maximize Social Business Contributors both past and present include +Wade Harman +Mark Traphagen +Debbie Miller and +Rachel Miller . Thank you all for your continued engagement on Google Plus and contributions to +Maximize Social Business !

My Japan Network even though I don't think I've met many of you in Japan, you are exhibiting leadership in leveraging Google Plus in Japan! Bravo! +三谷健 +Mariko Nishi N (Mariko and I both went to International Christian University in Tokyo!) +松田典貴 +mii na +柳下修平 +吉田茂 +Masahiro Tateno 

Brands I usually don't include in these shared circles, but this one brand sets the standard and has been a longtime supporter of both myself as well as +Maximize Social Business - Thank you +j+ Media Solutions !

Social Media Peeps I've had a chance to meet recently, many over the last month by attending +New Media Expo in Las Vegas last month, including +Charise Strandberg +Adam Helweh and +Bryan Kramer . I should also say that being in Orlando gave me a chance to see +Pam Moore for the first time ... YEAH!

My Good Seattle Friend from Facebook and fellow lover of Japan +Annie Chang ... congratulations  #seahawks  !

Others Whom I've Personally Met or Engaged With include local Orange County surfing and anti-nuclear legend +Darin R. McClure , fellow +All Nippon Airways Brand Ambassador and awesome person who you might know from +Geek Beat +Cali Lewis , +Christine DeGraff whom I assume you've all met as well (I just recently did my first hangout with her), former Irvine resident and my newest friend from Switzerland +Sarah Santacroce , my awesome friend in Tokyo +Michael Q Todd , fellow blogger and great person +Kimberly Brink-Castleberry , a podcasting mentor +Robert Lavigne , a great career strategist who I never have gotten to meet in Rochester but hope to soon +Hannah Morgan , missed seeing her in Fort Lauderdale but glad we made the connection on Google Plus +Stephanie Tippie , fond memories of meeting her in Victoria, British Columbia ... yes, that's you +Nikki Thibodeau , fellow social media professor and Lakers fan +Don Stanley , and awesome social media tweep who I can't wait to see again at Social Media Marketing World +Kimberly Reynolds .

Well, that gives you a picture of 29 of the 99 featured in this circle, but hopefully you'll see that they are real and engaging people that you'll want to check out adding to your own circles if they're not already there.

For those of you who I didn't give a shoutout to or not included in the circle, the more I engage and get to know you better, the better relationships become mutually beneficial in social media. If I can ever be of any help to you, do not hesitate to reach out to me!!!

#circleshare   #circlesharing   #circleshared  

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Coming Next Week - More details to come! #xeeme  #s3buzz 

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Congratulations, Jose!  Announcing Las Cumbres - Tabaco Senorial

Follow the story on Facebook at:

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Congratulations to Jack Lunsford!
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