After posting my thoughts on my (admittedly surface-level) cloud storage comparison, someone that read them decided to give Sky Drive a whirl. She was not very impressed. She noted that Sky Drive did not give the ability to pause the upload or control the amount of bandwidth used, and it also didn't provide "LAN synching of computers." I'm using her words there, not because I don't believe her, but because I didn't look at that option at all and so I can't claim to speak to it. I apologized profusely for leading her astray, and I believe she has happily returned to Dropbox.

However. I also think that Microsoft has the ability to quickly address such issues. I have a feeling that they got this solution out there very quickly and are working towards a larger vision. This article today from The Verge adds fuel to that fire. I think Microsoft actually has a lot of pieces in place already to make this happen and to make it work well. They're behind Google in executing on a strategy of a unified online persona, but I think the install base for Windows and Microsoft Office is not something to ignore. I'm very interested to watch this, especially as Windows 8 rolls out.
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