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Kimberly Hatting
Wife. Mother of three. Runner.
Wife. Mother of three. Runner.

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Epiphanies Aplenty
This has been a busy and somewhat action-packed week for me. It definitely had me moving and grooving the most since my Road to Recovery journey began.... I had several epiphanies this past week (it seems like all of this non-running-business has lit a diff...

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TLC of the Knee
Have you ever been sidelined from running, but wanted to maintain some fitness and muscle tone? What if you also had a 6-inch suture site (from a recent emergency surgery, more details HERE and HERE ) that went alongside your knee cap? Let me draw (or show)...

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Flashbacks and FOMO
Yikes!!! I'm in a current state of flashback-alitis and it's given me a serious dose of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). And it ain't pretty... Has it ever happened to you? An event pops up on the calendar, and suddenly your mind is flooded with happy thoughts o...

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Have You Thanked a Healthcare Professional Lately?
Healthcare is something I have taken for granted most of my life. I've always been pretty healthy, and (in the past 12 years at least) have been pretty fit. I've gone to the doctor for my annual physical and, on occasion, if I've been sick. I trust my docto...

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A New Normal (for Now)
Life is about taking chances, don't you think? Expanding the comfort zone? Trying new things? Well, welcome to my current (though temporary) kind of "normal." Sometimes, "taking chances, expanding comfort zones, and trying new things" are thrown at you with...

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Find a Way, Make it Happen
Find a way, Make it happen. How's that for a new mantra? July is gonna be a tough month this year. Ironically, we're already a week into it should go rather quickly, no? Each month, I come up with a short set of monthly goals. My June goals tanked o...

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Oh, Dear Running. Old buddy, old pal, this is not "goodbye," but merely "see ya in a couple months..." (Hmmmm, that might make for an interesting song ... if only I were a song writer). So, as most of you know, my current reality is about as close to a pola...

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Plot Twist!
Whew! It has been a whirlwind of a week (at least in my little corner of the universe). But first things first....welcome to the Weekly Wrap ! I am honored to be co-hosting the Weekly Wrap with Holly (from HoHo Runs ) and Tricia (from MissSippiPiddlin ) thi...

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Don't Fear the Porta-Potty
One of the first things a new runner has to get over is their fear of porta-pots. You will for sure see them at the start (and finish) of a race, but you also may be fortunate to find one (or a few) along the route. If you're really lucky (and I use that te...

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One Challenging Recovery Week
Remember when I said that my last week of taper was pretty non-traditional (for me)? Well, there seems to be a pattern here, because my first week of marathon recovery was pretty non-traditional as well. And not in a good way. All I can say is "UGH!" Anyway...
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