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Keri Marino
yogini, health nerd, bhakti advocate, and outdoor enthusiast
yogini, health nerd, bhakti advocate, and outdoor enthusiast

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Cranberry Chocolate Pecan Cookies
Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Low-Sugar, Low-Carb These cookies are seriously sooo good and contain minimal amounts of sugar. Your average cookie has atleast double the carbs and 4-6x the sugar. So you can enjoy them guilt-free this holiday season without the di...

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A Poem about Yoga
This poem was written by an amazing woman and student, Miranda O'Brien. She beautifully describes her relationship with her yoga practice. After six months of yoga practice for two hours per week yoga has become an integral part of her life.  Taking that fi...

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Fennel, Basil and Lime Tea
This is a cooling tea that contains three simple ingredients. Perfect tea for soothing your body on a warm day, reducing inflammation, balancing your digestive system and alkalizing the body.  Ingredients: 1/4 c. fresh fennel, coarsely chopped (this is a gr...

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Slow Cooker Blueberry Breakfast Millet
This is a simple dish that makes six servings and is a great grab and go breakfast. We typically eat with a scrambled egg and on occasion a piece of sugar/nitrite/nitrate free bacon for an extra dose of protein. I love slow cooker foods because I can prepar...

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Yoga Promotes Stress-Reduction in Veterans
Today I volunteered with a group of incredible professionals at the VA in Asheville. Approximately 25 veterans age ranging from late 20's to 70's were in attendance. This pop ulation of men and women suffer from a range of health concerns including: PTSD, a...

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Fig Fudge Energy Balls
These treats take less than 10 minutes to throw together and are loaded with energy producing foods. Great fuel during the middle of the day or before exercising! Not only are they a good source of carbohydrates, proteins and fats but they're also a good so...

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Arugula, Leek and Tomato Frittato
We make a frittata nearly every single week because it is an easy, healthy and portable breakfast! The combination of flavors and vegetables you can use is endless. Breakfast is such an important meal for establishing brain and blood sugar balance for the e...

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Yoga helps Reduce Fatigue in Breast Cancer Surivors
Students relaxing in Yoga for Cancer Survivors @ GHS According to a study by University of California, Breast Cancer survivors who practiced yoga for three hours per week for three months experienced significant reductions in fatigue and inflammation. Healt...

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Slow-Cooker Cabbage
I absolutely love vegetables. It's honestly comical how many times per day I say the word veggies to my husband. I think it's because when I don't eat enough vegetables my digestion get's out of whack. According to Ayurveda I have some vata tendencies. With...

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Yoga for Eating Disorder Recovery with Videos
First off, let me say that the treatment of eating disorders runs dear to my heart. For several years of my life I suffered from a string of eating disorders. It was a secretive, dark and lonely time for me. One day I got tired of having an obsessive relati...
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