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The WM Freelance Writers Connection
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Think about yourself for a second, which category do you prefer? Introversion or Extroversion?
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After learning about her and what inspired her to write her book, I just had to share her story with my fellow writers.
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Examining how to push through that earning ceiling. via +Lori Widmer 
What's on the iPod: Untitled (Love Song) by Counting Crows A nice, unexpectedly slow day yesterday. Since most of my assignments this month are magazine articles, I have some lag time while the so...
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UnitedHealth Group, Inc. recently announced that it plans to keep some of the federal healthcare law’s “more popular provisions” alive regardless of how the Supreme Court rules o...
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If you have great writing advice to share, we want to hear it!
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We are looking for guest bloggers!
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I am going to start my first blog. There. I have said it.
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Holly Bridges calls herself a “patient with a background as a career journalist.”
Holly Bridges calls herself a “patient with a background as a career journalist.” She said when she started having problems with her own reproductive health, she combined her career with her personal ...
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Share your favorite writing resources with us!
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A One-Stop Career Resource for Freelance Writers
The WM Freelance Connection provides information related to freelance writing,including job leads, writing tips, marketing and social networking ideas–plus anecdotes from the writing life, including essentially any and everything related to it.

When we hear a tip about a paying gig or writing contest, we’ll pass it along. If we have some freelance writing tips or advice that we think you could use, we’ll throw it out there. We’ll share article links, blogs of note, and occasional personal stories or thoughts on writing, the business and the creative.
We also feature author interviews, guest bloggers, and more.

Why should you read The WM Freelance Connection?
  • The WM Freelance Connection is updated every single day with fresh posts.
  •  The WM Freelance Connection features seven different freelance writers, each at a different stage in her career. This offers a richer pool of experiences and insight for our readers to swim in. (Did we go too far with that analogy?)
  • Our blog is for all freelance writers, with easy to understand posts for beginners through seasoned pros. We don't assume that you know what we're talking about--we spell it out so that anyone can understand. And, we respond to our comments--so if you have a question, we'll answer it.
  • The WM Freelance Connection posts paying job listings, gigs and contests on a regular basis.
  • The WM Freelance Connection shares tips and insight on both the business and the craft of writing.
  • The WM Freelance Connection interviews successful writers from a writer's perspective, helping our readers get a glimpse inside the publishing world. 
  • The WM Connection provides a  wide variety of information and opinions on hot topics that affect the writing community--like our full spectrum, two week project on Content Mills.
  • The WM Freelance Connection is not afraid to share resources (like other great writing websites) with our readers. Just take a look at our sidebar. :)
  • The WM Freelance Connection exposes scams designed to screw over our fellow writers.We even have an undercover writer whose sole purpose is to discover, investigate and make public scams and dishonest publishers, companies and other industry creeps.
  • In addition to all of the serious stuff, The WM Freelance Connection offers a personal touch, sharing our struggles and successes (and occasionally a giggle) as we navigate through this freelance world.
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