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I'm bored any girls wanna kik me? my handle is yoimbo.

totally bored, someone kik me or something...

Bored and single, any girls out there up for some fun 20+
Kik me: yoimbo 

Thought I'd join you guys and say "hi," the name is yoimbo, come and say hello.

Got a new phone... It's a pain in the backside=/

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It’s time to introduce the world to another of my obsessions – the grim-dark future of Warhammer 40k. First, there are a few words you need to know – The Warp/Chaos – The Warp is an alternate dimension that connects all of reality and enables…

I am now totally broke, I may need emergency housing and I just want the job centre to disappear from my life - anyone got any work? I'm very hard working, computer literate as well as being detail orientated and a middling writer...

Agh help.

Hey, I'm looking for a girl mid to late twenties, who's into geeky stuff like modelling, photography and writing, among other things. Interested? then hit me up;p

Should I join the UK's national writers guild? It's something I'm seriously considering, seeing as I am essentially broke and they might give me a little time to try to crank a book out beforeI fullygo bankrupt!

I was messing around earlier with who I was following and I accidently deleted it, I reinstated it but now it seems I have broken it altogether...

So any help in getting it working as it should do would be greatly appriciated.
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