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Congressional Complacence?
Don't confuse it for political obstructionism George Mason University economics professor and author Tyler Cowen has a new book – The Complacent Class – and yesterday posted an accompanying quiz, " How Complacent Are You? " I took the quiz and rated, "Tier ...

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Take the Money and Run
Self importance, self enrichment Driving into work this morning, I heard Steve Miller's "Take the Money and Run" and remembered the summer I worked for the Ocean City Police Department in Maryland. As a summertime police officer, I made two arrests. At the ...

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Six Degrees of Unemployment
The faces that make up the numbers As  reported  by Allan Smith of Business Insider, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said: ... that President Donald Trump "sees people that are hurting," and that "it's not just a number" to him. He said the presiden...

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Means Justifying the End?
Consumers of the abstract I hate commuting and I hate buying gas. So you'll understand that I was a little miffed on my slow, inefficient, gas-infused commute this morning when I heard an oil company executive on CNBC talking about energy security and "good...

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One for All and All for Me
Can prosperity and democracy coexist? In today's Financial Times, David Pilling writes that democracy is flourishing in Africa: "America has gone from idealism to cynicism in a few generations. Many Africans are still idealists." But I wonder if – rather th...

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Invisible Hand, Inalienable Rights
Abstracts aren't popular I wasn't sure how to frame this post, so I'll keep it short. You may not like flag burning, but it's your constitutional right to do so. You may lose your job to a foreign competitor, but nationwide benefits exceed your loss. You ma...

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Subtraction and Addition
It's easier to pull people apart than make one out of many I got thinking about this post a few days ago when, just this morning, I saw this column from John Judis. Not knowing much about "identity politics", here are a few sentences that caught my eye. Man...

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Masters of Our Own Demand?
Producers, policies, and veils help determine consumption In its editorial yesterday  on the "opioid epidemic", the Washington Post wrote about the Drug Enforcement Administration's work to ensure"that legally produced narcotics aren’t diverted for improper...

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What Regulations You Talkin' 'Bout, Willis?
Please, be specific. Over the weekend AT&T agreed to acquire Time Warner. And yesterday, Jeffrey Sparshott of the Wall Street Journal documented the decline in the rate of business startup formation, writing: The startup slowdown may have a number of causes...

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Get Onyerbike and Ride!
A mobile workforce offers a vibrant future In today's Financial Times, Gillian Tett writes that America needs a revival of its pioneering spirit: The US used to be renowned for having a more flexible and mobile workforce than Europe; in previous centuries m...
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