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Heiko Haller
Tango dancing psychologist in computer science
Tango dancing psychologist in computer science


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Das #iMapping Tool kann jetzt PDF exportieren. Und SVG. Und das eröffnet ganz neue Möglichkeiten:
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Ab heute ist das iMapping Tool auch auf deutsch erhältlich, mit weiteren kleinen Verbesserungen.
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Update 1.1.4 of the iMapping Tool makes all functions available to the mouse – no more need to memorize keyboard shortcuts.
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#iMapping Tool update 1.1.3 behebt kleinere Fehler beim rauszoomen
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#iMapping Tool Version 1.1.2 ist raus: Robusteres Speichern auf Netzlaufwerken.
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Second level scam – What kind of hoax is this?

I have just been called with the caller ID +7 8787 88.
A woman with strong indian accent (and a lot of background chatter) told me in broken english: 

Hello sir, my name is Lisa. I am calling you from our Microsoft windows office. Your computer is sending error reports to our server because it is infected by a virus. An online virus.
Me: -- Do you know what computer I have?
Yes sir, a windows computer. (I have a Mac)
-- No I don't. Do you know who you are talking to?
-- Do you know my name?
No. Only your number - it is registered with your computer.
-- Ok, sure. So what do you want?
I want to help you because your computer is infected.
-- What do you want me to do?
Turn on your computer
--It's on.
What do you see on your screen?
-- An empty editor window
So you are not the owner of this computer?
-- Yes, I am.
Please hold on sir, I will transfer you to senior support
-- Ok.
Hello sir, this is microsoft windows. What to you see on your screen?
-- An editor window.
Close it!
-- Ok.
On your keyboard, do you see the windows key?
-- No.
Do you see the Windows key?
-- No.
The Windows key!
-- I dont have one
Do you see the ctrl key?
-- yes
And next to it?
-- the fn key
-- FN, the function key, its a laptop.
a laptop, sir?
-- yes.
Which key do you see in the bottom left corner?
-- the fn key
In the bottom left corner!
-- I told you it is my laptops function key, it has "fn" written on it, it is in the lower left corner.
And next to it?
-- the ctrl key.
And next to that?
-- The alt key. Listen, why do you want to know how by keyboard looks? I thought you want to help me with the virus.

There, he hung up.
What a pity. I must have said something wrong. 
I  am so curious, where this was going.

Does anybody know, how this story continues?
What these poor idiots are up to?
And whether they pose an actual threat to anyone?
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Hochwertige Messer handgefertigt – auch nach eigenen Wünschen:
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