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"Reborn" by Terpsicorps. 

That moment...
...when you realize that this is the month you could start collecting Social Security? A mixture of astonishment that so much time has passed so quickly with recognition that so little time is left, a dollop of relief because working is less necessary than it has been, a pinch of angst, and a smidgen of nostalgia.

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Two more performances of The Sleeping Beauty. Today my partner Star, who is the house manager, stepped into her day job mode for a moment. A young lady with autism was having some problems during the first act. Dad said they'd be leaving at intermission, but they'd come because his daughter wanted to see the princess. Being both the house manager and mother of the princess, Star took the young lady backstage at intermission to meet the princess. Sometimes it's good to have a bit of power and the will to use it to make a child's dream come to life. 

The New Café

Throughout human history there have been times and places where one could converse at length with creators, deep thinkers, and vibrant intellects. Such a time and place was memorialized by Woody Allen in Midnight in Paris (2011). Now, however, we live in a time where the constraints of place and time have been removed.

Within just a few minutes this morning, I found these interesting thoughts floating by in my stream.
► +David Amerland reminded us that today is the birthday of Marilyn Monroe, a quintessential sex symbol (
► +Martin W. Smith reminded us that Sex Sells (
► +Guy Kawasaki shared research about happiness (
► +David Amerland shared the thoughts inspired by a conversation on another post (

Each of these posts, and many others I didn't mention, generated conversations.

Every day, at any time of the day or night, one may find interesting conversations that can awaken the intellect or stir the soul. It is no longer necessary to be sitting in the right café in Paris at the right time to join an interesting conversation with creators, deep thinkers, and vibrant intellects. Google+ is the new café, unconstrained by place or time.

#foodforthought   #curation  

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Sleeping Beauty by the Ballet Conservatory of Asheville. 

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Te Lucis Ante Terminum
via +Max Minzer 

Stunningly fine performance of a very beautiful choral work.

#earworm   #chorus   #inspiration  

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Soapwort at the Biltmore Estate Gardens, Asheville, NC. 

Sitting on the deck, a glass of wine and a good book, birds stopping by for a seed or two, just enough heat and sun, and the woman I love. Every day should be devoted to this.


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Ed Shaughnessy (1929-2013)

There were three great big band drummers, Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, and Ed Shaughnessy. With the passing of Ed Shaughnessy yesterday, they're all gone.

If you haven't the patience to listen to the whole thing, start at Ed Shaughnessy - Sing sing sing for the fourth drum solo.


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Doughnuts are improving, menu is expanding. Biscuits! 
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