Today I figured out how to hack the Google+ 360 Photosphere feature, making it possible to upload your own panoramas, rather than just the ones you can make using Android 4.2 phones!

If you download this photosphere: taken by a Googler, you can open the image in photoshop to view the files EXIF data (File > File Info).

Scroll along to the 'Advanced' tab and you'll see a property tree.
Find the drop down named: 
*Schema (*

Within here you'll find a selection of Android Panorama settings, use the 'file info' tool to export this image's exif data as a .XMP file. You can then import this XMP file into your own panorama photos, via the same 'file info' tool in Photoshop. SO it doesn't need to be made using a Nexus 4, Galaxy Nexus  etc.

Once you've imported the XMP file you can save the file and then drag it into Google+, if all has gone well, the file will be identified as a panorama and the Photoshpere mode will kick in.

Ta-Daaaa!  :D

Here's some examples:

+Julian Davies has successfully repeated the process by importing the data manually, trimming the XML data down to just the important Google bits and inserting it into his own, very awesome, panorama photos.

Give it a go yourselves if you have made panoramas before and share them in the comments! Have fun!

If like this please share it with your photography friends so they can give it a go!

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