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Frankie and George Barilla
advocate for abused children and the adults they became.
advocate for abused children and the adults they became.

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Russell Means walked on but his words live on

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Russell Means: a Native American legend walks on
Russell Means 1939-2012 Russell
Means  was an activist, a musician, an
actor, politician and a writer and  led protests
that called attention to the nation’s history of injustices against Native
Americans. Russell – named  Wanbli
Ohitika by his mother, whic...

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Are you listening Cardinal Pell? 

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How can we protect abused children when #popefrancis  lets convicted pedophiles back on the streets?

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Pope Francis creating a child abuse scandal
Be careful what you ask for Pope Francis Back
in December 2016 the Pope told the world that bishops should enforce a zero
tolerance policy for any priest who sexually abuses a child. The hidden truth
is that Francis doesn’t treat all priests who abuse child...

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All pedophile sex abusers of children and their enablers should note that they can't always get away with it.

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Pedophile in Argentine church killed by parents
Pedophile killed by victims' parents Why
did these people take the law in their own hands?  Was it because the law failed them? About
six years ago, in Buenos Aires  a
preschool music teacher, Marcelo Fabián Pecollo, 42, was sentenced to 30 years
in prison ...

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A lot of determination

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Cardinal Dolan's Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program is a way to weed out cases by victims before the Child Victims Act gets passed.

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New York is a wicked state: Cardinal Timothy Dolan where is the Child Victims Act?
Cardinal Dolan - Who Cares About the Victims? The
catholic church, its lawyers and its supporting politicians think that victims
of child abuse have short memories.  But we
don’t  - here is a report of “Don” an 80
year old man who says, “the pain is fresh.”...
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