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Amazing !  *-*
Killer T Cell: The Cancer Assassin

● Caught on camera:
In this video, researchers at the University of Cambridge have captured cytoxic T cells - a specialised type of white blood cell whose function is to patrol our bodies and kill cells which are cancerous or infected with viruses.

Shown as orange or green in the video, these specialised cells travel around our body using protrusions to explore the surface of the cells they encounter. If they detect the cell as cancerous or infected (blue), they are able to bind to them and inject poisonous cytotoxin proteins (red) to kill the cell.

● Abstract from the source:
Cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) use polarized secretion to rapidly destroy virally infected and tumor cells. To understand the temporal relationships between key events leading to secretion, we used high-resolution 4D imaging. CTLs approached targets with actin-rich projections at the leading edge, creating an initially actin-enriched contact with rearward-flowing actin. Within 1 min, cortical actin reduced across the synapse, T cell receptors (TCRs) clustered centrally to form the central supramolecular activation cluster (cSMAC), and centrosome polarization began. Granules clustered around the moving centrosome within 2.5 min and reached the synapse after 6 min. TCR-bearing intracellular vesicles were delivered to the cSMAC as the centrosome docked.

● Via +Wellcome Trust​ blog:

● Citation:

● Full video:

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À voir absolument ! Merci Mr Y.A Bertrand

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Une belle cause ! 
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