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G+ hive mind, hear my plea:

It has been too long since I updated my blogroll and our collective end grows near.

I seek the following in blog recommendations:

1. Focus on/alignment with trad RPGs, especially sandbox games
2. Modern and/or sci-fi focus preferred, much love for Call of Cthulhu, Traveller, Twilight 2k, MSHRPG, especially if blog discussion has gone beyond "comments on my first read through" genre.
3. Rules and scenario analysis/commentary a major plus.
4. Alternately, blogs talking about classic wargames (especially sci-fi) and Ameritrash games, old-school play by mail, or CYOA-alikes would be great. A dash of Oldhammer is fine, but too much 40k spoils the broth.

S. John Ross's blog is a perfect example here.

Many blessings in the new year on those who aid me in this quest.
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An oddity that I'm looking for:

Was anyone a member of the Heartless Huey Fan Club, i.e. the fan club for FASA's Grav-Ball and, if so, would they be willing to part with any back issues of Grav-Ball Quarterly and/or their Heartless Huey pin?

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A very kind video review of the Misty Isles:

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Hey, a video review of Slumbering Ursine Dunes!

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Swing on by the booth at NTRPGCON, you never know what sort what sort of weird denizens lurk.
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Did we mention that there is a new zine by +Jason Sholtis debuting at the Hydra table at NTRPG Con?

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Hydra swag, coming to NTRPGCON.

Name: Komish Kalelu
Alignment: Stability
Gender: Male
Profession: Priest 1 (Acolyte) of Karakan
XP (+5% bonus): 1545/2000
HD: 1d6-2
HP: 1/1
K: 0 H: 0 Q: 0
AC: 2
STR: 5 (Weak, -1 on hit dice)
INT: 95 (Brilliant, +1 to hit/dam, 40% secret doors)
CON: 1 (Weakling, -2 on hit dice, 30% revive, 40% chance healing/eye does not work)
PSY: 70 (Somewhat Psychic, +5% spell chance, use all spell levels)
DEX: 65 (Clever, +1 on hit dice, spells and weapons always hit)
COM: 93 (Very Handsome)
Spell Chance: 45%
Original Skills: Paper-ink maker, Scribe-Accountant, Author
Professional Skills: Telepathy (24", communication, 1 turn, 3/day), ESP (2", 2 turns, 3/day), Cure Light Wounds (1d6, 1/day), Modern Languages: Tsolyani, Livyani, Ancient Languages: Thu'usa, the Tongue of the Priests of Ksarul
Equipment: Chlen-hide plate armor, helmet, shield, backpack (7 days outdoor rations, 10 resin torches, waterskin, flint, steel, tinder), sword, halberd

+James Maliszewski  As a priest of Karakan, do I have access to the weapons mentioned in Mitlanyal, or the standard blunt weapons of the Cleric?

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