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An oddity that I'm looking for:

Was anyone a member of the Heartless Huey Fan Club, i.e. the fan club for FASA's Grav-Ball and, if so, would they be willing to part with any back issues of Grav-Ball Quarterly and/or their Heartless Huey pin?

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A very kind video review of the Misty Isles:

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Hey, a video review of Slumbering Ursine Dunes!

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Swing on by the booth at NTRPGCON, you never know what sort what sort of weird denizens lurk.
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Did we mention that there is a new zine by +Jason Sholtis debuting at the Hydra table at NTRPG Con?

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Hydra swag, coming to NTRPGCON.

Name: Komish Kalelu
Alignment: Stability
Gender: Male
Profession: Priest 1 (Acolyte) of Karakan
XP (+5% bonus): 1545/2000
HD: 1d6-2
HP: 1/1
K: 0 H: 0 Q: 0
AC: 2
STR: 5 (Weak, -1 on hit dice)
INT: 95 (Brilliant, +1 to hit/dam, 40% secret doors)
CON: 1 (Weakling, -2 on hit dice, 30% revive, 40% chance healing/eye does not work)
PSY: 70 (Somewhat Psychic, +5% spell chance, use all spell levels)
DEX: 65 (Clever, +1 on hit dice, spells and weapons always hit)
COM: 93 (Very Handsome)
Spell Chance: 45%
Original Skills: Paper-ink maker, Scribe-Accountant, Author
Professional Skills: Telepathy (24", communication, 1 turn, 3/day), ESP (2", 2 turns, 3/day), Cure Light Wounds (1d6, 1/day), Modern Languages: Tsolyani, Livyani, Ancient Languages: Thu'usa, the Tongue of the Priests of Ksarul
Equipment: Chlen-hide plate armor, helmet, shield, backpack (7 days outdoor rations, 10 resin torches, waterskin, flint, steel, tinder), sword, halberd

+James Maliszewski  As a priest of Karakan, do I have access to the weapons mentioned in Mitlanyal, or the standard blunt weapons of the Cleric?

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