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Creative Week 19

Some days off... just BE.
Even my birds sleep a lot in the middle of the day.

#energies   #birds  

Creative Week 18 Day Five

How I love this time of the year (living @ 50° latitude in the Northern Hemisphere),
when the horse chestnut trees are in full bloom
and the birds are singing, the May rain falls...
(and asparagus and strawberries are fresh from the fields)
Then I feel utmost happy about living on Planet Earth :)
#May #nature #PlanetEarth  

Creative Week 17, Day Seven

It was a SUN filled, highly energetic week, enjoyment outdoors laying down watching the buzzards circling high above... the magic of nature turning into May.
#nature #ascension   

Creative Week 17 Day Three

Today is of rest for the physical body, after an active day (morning running errands in the city, beautiful afternoon in the Sun out in the countrysiide).

Creative Week 17 Day One

Because my vegetable garden project felt too stressful to begin with (energies are intense enough), I cancelled it and started to focus on writing a 'summer journal'.
Sitting outdoors at the café of an agricultural domain that stands out with organic farming, this is a pleasant time to be in the creative flow.
#creativity #writing #summerjournal

Creative Week 16 Day Two

Today it was summerlike 22°C here and so I sat down on the warm ground.
Again, I enjoyed the empty space I had out there in the countryside.

Creative Week 15 Day Seven

The Tilia tree buds unfold here now, the Sun makes their pastel green shine .

#nature #Tilia #trees  

Creative Week 15 Day One

Out in the fields the weekend, I felt immediate Joy when touching the soil under my feet (stepping off the tarmac).
#nature #joy  

Creative Week 14 Day Six

Quiet time at the peak of the Libra Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse (although invisible here).
Later on the rush continues, but more of a pleasant flow.

Creative Week 14 Day Five

Sitting on a bench in the oakgrove at noon, enjoying Sun shine, many birds' calls - chaffinch, nuthatch, green woodpecker. - the grass is green now, all  that feels centering in the unknown.
#nature #birds
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