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Etho, they added the ability for NPC's to pull money out of your piggy bank directly. You don't need to have the gold on you (i.e. when hitting the nurse up for a heal)

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😂 "I wasn't expecting to drop a grave, I wonder what mod adds it." - while staring at the grave and having WAILA up, saying it's from open blocks.😅

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What happened to the red heavy?

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Another take on the whole L.J Smith thing.
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And you thought Tolkien made up that whole elven archers thing, didn't you?
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Unless you are in Japan and at a high end restaurant you can almost be guaranteed that the wasabi you are being served is actually horseradish with green food coloring. It is notoriously difficult to grow wasabi and as it is a member of the same family as horseradish and has a similar taste, the cheaper and easier to grow plant is almost always substituted for it.

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You make a lot of valid points, I don't think anything you say is wrong per se.

However, I do think this is a case of the forest being on fire. People suddenly waking up and noticing that their particular glade is smoking and running around screaming "The Glade is on fire! The Glade is on fire!"

Yes, your particular hardship right now is that you signed up with a digital mafia group that promised to keep your channel safe as long as you forked over part of your ad revenue as protection money... and now you are realizing that like most groups who operate under that business method,  they are more than willing to take your money and do jack shit.

But you seem to be ignoring the reason why this particular group actually had a viable business model in the first place.

Namely the ubiquitous abuse of the ContentID system and Google's decision to shift the burden of policing onto someone else for the content that was, in theory, producing them the most money.

No, ContentID isn't new. And as someone with a wide variety of channels that I'm subscribed to, I've seen the complaints about false positives, long waits for review, and fair use abuse, and just pure scam companies, travel like waves through each little sub-community.

Right now the Sims3 'lets build' folk are getting a bunch of bogus claims from a bunch of seperate companies claiming to own the rights to the 'Sims 3 music' playing in the background.

A couple of years ago all the musicians I was following were having issues with false claims from companies that claimed to own the samples they were using for their instruments - despite the fact that in more than one case it was a live instrument. 

Earlier this year the movie reviewers were having their channels taken down for using 10 second clips of a movie trailer.

And I'm sure everyone remembers all the stories about companies taking down their own work because they forgot to authorize themselves.

ContentID as it's currently implemented is broken. It's not broken because the idea is flawed. It's not broken because it's unimplementable. It's not broken because Google can't afford to do it properly.

It's broken because they decided not to.

And today, your glade is on fire.

But it's not the only glade on fire, the whole forest is burning.

And while there is a problem with these networks that people need to be aware of, I do think you miss the mark as much as Angry Joe did in assigning the majority of the issue to them. 

Angry Joe is suddenly discovering the issue because video game publishers have finally started to get into the ContentID business. You are discovering it because the MCN's are showing their true colors.

But the issue is, and has always been, Google's decisions about how to run the whole thing have been and still are completely biased against their content producers.

Sam Groves

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I defended against a #zergrush on Google Search.
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Feel like turning off all the lights and just sitting here and listening alternatively to every fast & angry song and every slow & sad song I have. I can start pretending I'm OK with the world tomorrow.

At least I made it almost to the end of the day before the emotions showed up.

It really, really sucks being on the wrong end of an acquisition.
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I'm going to save a fortune on shampoo and conditioner now!
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As always, absent..... minded.
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    Computer Science, 1992 - 1996
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