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Faction change went through. Agent109CE = CptKethane. Update rosters accordingly.

Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes. I had a blast!

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Crap... I hate down time.

1,001,654 AP... I can taste the L8!

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We've been plagerized!

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Its finally happening! I've only been waiting for this since like the 3rd grade.

Star Trek: Into Darkness tonight... YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

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For when you just can't tell what died in the fridge.

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I need this and many fixed M1 Rifle positons mounted to it. Ultimate in anti Zombie vehicles. Or the Knight. I forgot about the Knight...
This Mercedes-Benz AMG has six wheels and 544 horsepower. Your argument is invalid. 

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Song of Storms.. the back story divides itself by zero 

#geek   #songofstorms   #link   #zelda   #videogames   #music  

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