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Helen Jonsen
HJ Media Consulting | Digital Communications | Video | Editorial | Social | In Person
HJ Media Consulting | Digital Communications | Video | Editorial | Social | In Person

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Clear speaking and good communications skills are the number 1 job competency in America and yet public speaking is a top phobia. Some thoughts on speaking well and a new mobile app that can help you achieve success.

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What's new in Presidential politics? That a woman is on both the #gopdebate  stage and the #demdebate  stage.... and why do we care?


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Here's my TV interview on my essay: "Six Degrees of Hillary Clinton." 

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Proud contributor to this new book -- keeping the important Hillary Clinton conversation lively~  Available now at
“Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary Paradox” (SheWrites Press, Nov. 2015)
#HillaryParadoxBook   #HillaryClinton  

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The #now2030  goals are a focus for the next 15 years... but if we don't succeed at the first 5 -- the world will not have changed! My take on how the goals need Gender Equality.

"If feminism is stripped down to its roots without the political trimmings and dressings which have been hung from it, it comes down to this: Feminism equals a call for gender equality." -- Helen Jonsen 

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This never gets old... especially this year!  Keep the kids safe in the cold and snow.
Kids safety: 11 snow & cold tips -

The south is living a “snowpocalypse" and parents need to keep these advices in mind

Here are some important health and safety tips from Dr. Jen Canter, a pediatrician and the developer of Play This Way, and editor +Helen Jonsen, both moms of four.

- Frequent Breaks & Hydrate
- Keep ‘em Warm & Dry
- Pack Extras
- Use Sun Block
- Protect Heads and Eyes
- Be Aware of Frostbite and Hypothermia
- Be Careful With Hot Drinks

#Snowpocalypse #WinterStorm #Snowmageddon #Snow #Cold

Stay safe!

For more how-to videos, go to and follow us!

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Do you have other ways to extend your content without overwhelming yourself or your staff? 

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Media Mergers were hot in 2014 but @jannarone says - Look out for 2015.  

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Love hearing what other folks have to say about personal branding. 

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My look back at some of the deals and decisions affecting online video and the industry,
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