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Finally had the chance to use one of my favorite images for the Eclipse N&N

Working to make the Eclipse IDE prettier under Windows.

+Tor Norbye mentions on the Android Backstage podcast with +Chet Haase that Android Studio has new tooling to send a gps location or a path via a map which pops up to the device?

I know the "old" way of using the Android Device Monitor or via the command line but this sounds nice. Anyone know where to find that?

The blocking "Building" dialog of @androidstudio is now a good friend of mine. I see him on a regular basis and we also spend a lot of time together.

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Dynamic dual or single pane layouts with Android fragments based on configuration changes.

Updated #androiddev tutorial for data binding with a two way data binding example.

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+Tor Norbye I love the Search in the Palette of the Widgets.  But I did not find out, how to trigger "Next". Is that implemented?

From beta to alpha
 -        classpath ''
+        classpath ''

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Finished first day of Android Testing workshop with @androidstudio

Great fun with improved tooling and testing framework. Android Studio 2.2 Beta 3 finally feels like a stable version.

Thanks +Xavier Ducrohet and +Tor Norbye

Anyone aware of plans to make instance run work for instrumentation tests?
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