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May Pongpitpitak
20-something tech-loving, weight-lifting, food-munching engineer
20-something tech-loving, weight-lifting, food-munching engineer

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It finally happened. Phoenix 1.2 is out. I've been waiting for some of the features for a while. Congrats and thank you for all the hard work to the Phoenix team.

#elixir-lang #myelixirstatus

I like what I see with Google's Spaces but I just can't manage yet another social media/messaging app.

The new Spaces looks just like G+ Communities. I guess even Google had given up?

Got to play with tsung. It's actually a lot simpler to get started than it seems. Had a lot of fun.

Anyone else going to #polyglot conference in Vancouver?
#polyglotconf #yvr #programming #developer

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2nd round of mock trial!! Go ladies. We are rooting for you. #yyjlawday #victorialawday #stmargaretsschool

Tried out the R language at datacamp. Honestly, I am not impressed. It feels very much like working with PHP and seems to suffer similar badly name functions like

It has some functions that do a little too much like `c()` that both creates a vector by passing a list of arguments, or it can combine all columns of a matrix.

I have a feeling R is not for me.

#r-project #programming

Fully migrated project to ES6 + Webpack combo. Liking it so far. Will have to write a post on my Tumblr about this later. If you came across this post, consider it my endorsement for giving Webpack a try. It's pretty great.

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Oh yeah, I finally finished the #elixir-lang #exercism a few days ago. Check it out!
Code reviews are appreciated ;)
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