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Laura “Roxy” Jennings
Darling I'm a 'nightmare' kinda dream
Darling I'm a 'nightmare' kinda dream
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Not being funny but The Purge really puts into perspective human behaviour. In the moment of occurence we want to hurt the people we hate because of things they have done to us, yet if we were given the opportunity to, would we actually carry it out? In this film it shows people instantaneously hurting anyone they see, breaking into homes and hurting innocent members of society - and the scary thing is I think we are all capable of that. "Unleashing the beast" is something that we all do day in day out, bu making harsh comments on people's appearance or other things to do with them. "The beast" doesn't have to be physically hurting someone, it could be using hateful suggestions or words, sometimes malice can be worse than the actual harm. The question I think this film shows is if we had the chance to, would we carry out these unlawful acts of murder and violence, just cause we could get away with it? Killing innocent people just to feed the hunger inside of us? Or would we be the ones inside our homes, not wanting to hurt anyone as our morals take over? This whole film shows the comparison between humans and animals. Even in the second film (The Anarchy) the rich HUNT the poor to intentionally shoot them down. This is actually just metaphorically showing society, and the way things are, except in such a blown up way that people can't see the connection. The thing that scares me is that we do have that "beast" inside of us all, and I think that beast does need satisfying unless it is tamed. This concept may seem scary, or vulgar, but it is in fact the one thing that has helped us evolve from animals into the humans we are today, by fighting and for hurting those who harm us e.g. survival of the fittest. Now I know this is a long passage but it's my opinion and I thought I should share it. I know that if The Purge did ever exist, the morality of the world would change, if not be completely eradicated - something which would question our very existence and purpose of the human race... 

Ever get those moments where you're like "I actually look nice today" and its a shock to your system cause usually you look like a cactus? 

It's scary how much things and people can change.

Hey my lovelies I am so so sorry I havent been on in while but I am back now! How are my minions? X
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