Pre-Launch - Don't Laugh: A Woman's Playbook to the U-R-In Line for the Women.

Buy your copy October 27th on amazon for only .99 cents

If you do not have kindle you can download a free app to your computer. Just click on the link above to buy the book and right underneath it is the free download for the kindle app.

What others are saying....

Funny and fully relatable, its down-to-earth contents describe an all too familiar experience...Gisele Jubinville, Healer with The Message Art

"Don't Laugh" is a hilarious read that every woman can relate to...
International, Multi-Award-Winning Author P.M. Terrell

“This amazing little book captures the private and public thoughts of women waiting In-Line for a Women’s Public Bathroom. It will make you laugh out loud!” Diane Albano Ed.D., Owner of LEAD Consulting and Coaching and Author of Nice Has No Voice Self-leadership Strategies
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