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What Type of Crutch Is Appropriate for You?

Walking aids are supposed to support people with injuries or mobility problems. With crutches, you have to pick the right one for you considering your condition. You can choose among these types:

• Underarm crutches or Axillary crutches: This type of crutch is usually used by people with short-term injuries.

• Forearm crutches or Lofstrand crutches: This type of crutch is usually to support those with long-term injuries.

• Platform crutches: This is usually for people who can’t grip properly like those with arthritis.

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Factors to Consider When Buying a Wheelchair

Are you planning to buy a wheelchair for a loved one? Take note of these:

• Is the patient capable of maneuvering a wheelchair? There is actually a type of wheelchair designed for self-maneuvering. If the patient needs assistance, there’s an attendant-propel one.

• The size of the recipient. You can choose a wheelchair comfortable for a specific height, width, and weight.

• The wheelchair’s portability. Would there be times you carry it in the car? Do you have enough area at home to put it on?

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You Can Get Your Medical Supply Needs in One Place

Gramercy Drugs & Surgical offers a wide range of medical supplies for any health condition you have. From walking aids, Ostomy supplies, diabetic supply, bath aids, etc. Call us and let us know what you need!

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Diabetes: Medical Essentials You Should Have at Home

You can manage diabetes with less stress as long as you have all the supplies needed. Here are some of the medical essentials you should always in store.

For glucose monitoring:

• glucose testing strips, a monitor, a case to carry the meter and liquid kits record an accurate meter reading

• lancets and lancing devices

If taking insulin, don’t be empty of these:

• disposable or reusable insulin pens, syringes, needles and alcohol swabs

• glucose tablets or gels

• a container suitable for disposing of needles

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Ibuprofen: Facts You Would Like to Know

Are you familiar with ibuprofen? Even if you’re not, chances are you’ve already taken this medication. Here are facts you need to know:

• Used to treat fever, inflammation, and all levels of pain
• Is a generic name
• Can be administered in tablet, capsule, suppository, liquid, or soluble powder
• Needs to be administered according to the patient’s age, weight, and health
• Can cause overdose and side effects

If you see ibuprofen in your prescription, our pharmacists at Gramercy Drugs & Surgical can help instruct you on its proper dosage and intake. Feel free to talk to our staff.

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Vaccine, Vaccination, Immunization: What’s Their Difference?

Vaccine – small amount of weakened bacteria
Vaccination – the process of getting a vaccine
Immunization – the process of being immune from virus through vaccination
If you have immunization needs for your whole family, drop us a visit at Gramercy Drugs & Surgical.

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Can Take Vaccines

Vaccines can strengthen your and your family’s immunity. Here are the reasons why vaccines are beneficial for your family:

1. Tested for safety
These tests are conducted in medical laboratories, which can take years to finish. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) implements a strict evaluation of safety and effectiveness.

2. Tested for Quality
The FDA inspects laboratories where vaccines are created to ensure these are potent, pure, and sterile.

3. Monitored before recommended
Once a vaccine gets approved by the FDA, it’s recommended for public use but still with strict monitoring for safety.

Do you have immunization inquiries? Contact us.

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Wheelchair Safety: Common Causes of Falls

Even if you’re in a wheelchair, you can still fall off when unsupervised. Here are the common instances that falls happen to wheelchair-bound patients:

- Uncontrolled speed
- Unlocked brakes
- Slippery pathways
- Patient’s sitting strength
- Uneven surfaces causing imbalance

Ensure that when you’re assisting your loved one, or you’re driving your own wheelchair, safety precautions are practiced. If you’re looking for wheelchair needs and parts, contact or visit us at Gramercy Drugs & Surgical. Our accommodating pharmacists would love to assist you in this area. You can also have the equipment delivered to your address if you choose to.

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Sleep Therapy: A Solution to Your Sleeping Problems

Are you troubled with your partner’s snoring problems each night? Get them checked with your doctor as snoring could signal other health issues. If you’re prescribed with sleep therapy options, we have these for you at Gramercy Drugs & Surgical.

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Qualities of a Good Pharmacist

Talking with pharmacists can assist a patient in understanding and taking their medications well. To know a good pharmacist, spot these qualities:

- Easy to talk with
- Effective in verbal communication
- Understand non-verbal communication
- Able to listen to and ask questions
- Knows how to be objective
- Able to empathize and encourage
- Can be trusted with confidential medical information
- Assist patients in correct medicine options
- Encourage patients toward healing
- Able to maintain professionalism

At Gramercy Drugs & Surgical, we welcome your every interaction and inquiries from our pharmacists. We have a friendly team who are knowledgeable enough to counsel your medicine-related concerns.

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