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Arne Jamtgaard
"You are never as smart as you think you are."
"You are never as smart as you think you are."

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Quick question: Does, or should, Tier affect Gather Information rolls? Should it be harder to get the goods on Lord Stangford than Rigney the Bartender? And if so, what would those mechanics look like?

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Go Highlanders! Great finish to qualifying rounds!
Team 4499 - The Highlanders
Team 4499 - The Highlanders
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The Lurk ability, Expertise, starts with "Choose one of your action ratings." Do I do that when I buy the ability (giving myself Skirmish Expertise, for example) or do I choose when I want to lead a group action?

In v7.1 Rules Reference 2, Downtime, it said that you could get a +1d for any Downtime roll if you got help from a friend or contact.

I can't find something similar in v8. Did this disappear?

Quick question: We have a munchkin in our current PBP game that is always trying to monkey with things to maximize number of dice, etc. He came up with this:

"We want to do X. So PCs A and B, you perform a Group Action. PC C, you Assist PC A for +1d, PC D, you Assist PC B for +1d."

I can't for the life of me imagine a fiction where A is coordinating B, but not C and D, to perform some Action.

Is this within the spirit of the rules, or is it, as I have labelled it, the height of weaseldom?

So my players might be going a little too far in the "not planning" direction, I think partly because they don't have a good feel for the different kind of plans. Right now they're doing everything Stealth, because then all they have to specify is where they go in, and then they're hoping to wing the rest of it. "We go in the front door with all the other guests" specifies the entrance, but doesn't feel very stealthy to me.

Is there a resource for differentiating the approaches? Examples, suggestions, etc?

Nasty subtle cursed item.

So last session the as-yet-unnamed crew were contacted by Frake on behalf of the Hive to steal a particular item from a wealthy doctor's private collection. A moderate Gather Info revealed that the item, called "The Monkey's Paw," was both powerful and cursed.

I left it at that. I have another session coming up soon, and am fishing for alternate ideas for the natures of both the power and the curse. I thought I'd tap the BitD collective, if I might.


Okay, Fate GMs. I have a Mastermind character and want an aspect "Wheels Within Wheels." Sort of to allow the Xanatos Gambit style "even though we lost, I win" thing. I can think of ways to invoke it, but the GM wants examples of how to compel it. Any thoughts?

We had our first real session last night, with three players and one lurker.

After a year or so working in and around the Library in the eastern part of the continent, including a winter spent close to base to research and rebuild, it is time for some of the longer range plans of the Guardians of Bletherad in their ongoing struggle against the Zealotry.

Towards that end, Silver, Valinya, and Talks With Rocks are told to make their way to the city of Llorn, there to await further orders. After conferring and rejecting Silver’s suggestion that they could all just fly there, Talks With Rocks prevails upon them to travel overland through the Disputed Lands, where he has allies.

They set off on the their journey with a small boat taking them to the mainland, where they are set ashore on a small pier the Library maintains. The vast expanse of the forests of the Disputed Lands stretch before them.

They set out into the woods.  Talks With Rocks decides their first destination should be the small Human settlement of Sweet Creek. There he hopes to connect with the local druid. The going is slow, and the weather is nasty. Typical spring showers keep the heroes soaked and the paths muddy.

When they get close to Sweet Creek, Talks With Rocks declares that he and Silver should hide outside of town, as the folk there are not fond of canids, due to the menace of the Wolfen, and would probably react poorly to a dragon as well. Silver comments that it is sometimes fun to watch the reactions of folk when they first meet him. Valinya sighs and heads alone into the village.

Sweet Creek is very small, with a few families and a hall that serves as a meeting place. Dogs roam the stockade.  It is a market day, so there are trappers and woodsmen in town trading with a few merchants who have spread out their wares on blankets on the grass of the commons in front of the hall. Valinya finds an old woman with packs of trail rations. It takes some finagling as she has little to trade, but she manages to persuade the woman to take her gold. She comes away with all the woman’s wares and the feeling that they both got a very good deal.

There are rumors around town, of course, of Wolfen threats, pixies in the woods, hunters gone missing - the usual.

Valinya returns to the hiding place to plan the next move with Talks With Rocks and Silver.
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