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my interior landscape is paved with gold
my interior landscape is paved with gold

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To those of you not in the education field, you may not understand a lot of the educational jargon and the foundation of the American education system. Having a school voucher system (proposed by Trump's Education secretary Betsy DeVos) doesn't just mean you can choose any school you want your kid to go to. It also means the public education program will be dismantled. Let me explain...

If your child has an IEP, frame it. Then kiss it good-bye.
If you have a job in special-education, meaning if you're a: special education teacher, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech pathologist, a para, or a teacher's aid, you're in the same boat.
If you are in ESL teacher, you'll go first.
House Bill 610 makes some large changes.
Inform yourselves.
This bill will effectively start the school voucher system to be used by children ages 5-17 and starts the defunding process of public schools.
The bill will eliminate the Elementary and Education Act of 1965, which is the nation's educational law that provides equal opportunity in education.
ESSA is a big comprehensive program that covers programs for struggling learners, advanced and gifted kids in AP classes, ESL classes, classes for minorities such as Native Americans, Rural Education, Education for the Homeless, School Safety (Gun-Free schools), Monitoring and Compliance, and Federal Accountability Programs. Yes, there are all of these programs happening in our education system, in addition to just academics.
The Bill also abolishes the Nutritional Act of 2012 (No Hungry Kids Act) which provides nutritional standards in school breakfast and lunch.
The bill has no wording whatsoever protecting Special Needs kids, no mention of IDEA, and FAPE.
Some things ESSA does for Children with Disabilities:
-Ensures access to the general education curriculum.
-Ensures access to accommodations on assessments.
-Ensures concepts of Universal Design for Learning.
-Includes provisions that require local education agencies to provide evidence-based interventions in schools with consistently underperforming subgroups.
-Requires states in Title I plans to address how they will improve conditions for learning including reducing incidents of bullying and harassment in schools, overuse of discipline practices and reduce the use of aversive behavioral interventions (such as restraints and seclusion).
Please call your representative and ask him/her to vote NO on House Bill 610 (HR 610) introduced by three Republican reps.

PLEASE copy and paste, don't just share. That limits it to friends we have in common. Thank you.
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"This morning Sean Spicer announced President Trump will donate his federal salary to charity at the end of the year.

Trump asked the press to decide where the donations should go.

“The president’s intention right now is to donate his salary at end of the year, and he has kindly asked you all determine where that goes,” Spicer said. “The way that we can avoid scrutiny is to let the press corps determine where it should go."

The president makes $400,000 per year. He also gets a $50,000 annual expense account, a $100,000 nontaxable travel account, and $19,000 for "entertainment."

That's half a million dollars.

Which Trump will donate to a charity selected by the Press.

I have a suggestion:

Planned Parenthood.

Let's make Trump donate his salary to Planned Parenthood." -Jim Wright
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Don't forget to send a postcard to Trump tomorrow

On March 15th, each of us will mail Donald Trump a postcard that publicly expresses our opposition to him. And we, in vast numbers, from all corners of the world, will overwhelm the man with his unpopularity and failure. We will show the media and the politicians what standing with him — and against us — means. And most importantly, we will bury the White House post office in pink slips, all informing Donnie that he’s fired.
Each of us — every protester from every march, each congress calling citizen, every boycotter, volunteer, donor, and petition signer — if each of us writes even a single postcard and we put them all in the mail on the same day, March 15th, well: you do the math.
No alternative fact or Russian translation will explain away our record-breaking, officially-verifiable, warehouse-filling flood of fury. Hank Aaron currently holds the record for fan mail, having received 900,000 pieces in a year. We’re setting a new record: over a million pieces in a day, with not a single nice thing to say.
So sharpen your wit, unsheathe your writing implements, and see if your sincerest ill-wishes can pierce Donald’s famously thin skin.
Prepare for March 15th, 2017, a day hereafter to be known as #TheIdesOfTrump
Write one postcard. Write a dozen! Take a picture and post it on social media tagged with #TheIdesOfTrump ! Spread the word! Everyone on Earth should let Donnie know how he’s doing. They can’t build a wall high enough to stop the mail.
Then, on March 15th, mail your messages to:
President Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
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Moore’s Law ain’t done yet?  Shrinking transistors even further… probably sometime after the beginning of the next decade, to shrink the contact point between the two materials to just 40 atoms in width, the researchers said.  By simply swapping carbon nanotube transistors for conventional ones in a simulated IBM microprocessor, they were able to increase speeds by as much as seven orders of magnitude or, alternatively, achieve almost as significant power savings.
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I just set this one up in the crockpot.  I followed the package instructions to prep the lentils, tossed the coconut milk and tomato stuff with the dried spices in the crockpot while they were simmering and sautéed the shallots, ginger, and garlic per the recipe.  Added in julienned carrots and thin sliced mushrooms.  It already taste-tested "YUM" from my official tester.  It will be tonight's dinner for the horde.
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I'm going to make this next week.  This week was all classic chicken soups.  Ugh, flu.
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Some things no one tells you...
1) Tractor clutches are nothing like car clutches. 2) Never let the tractor run out of diesel. 3) Paper wasps build anywhere, especially in tractors. 4) Snapper turtles grow as big as manhole covers in Philly. 5) Red tailed hawks will buzz over you screamin...
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