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first blog post for our new store

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News today November 5th

nice feedback for customer , thank you sherry for taking the time - Steve

Thank you. I just wanted to write and tell you how much I have come to depend on your information. I've even passed your link out to hundreds of fellow writers/authors in the Charlotte, NC area (and surrounding towns) as one place to go to for fairly inclusive research for world-building, memoirs, biographies and historical fiction writing.

The fact that you go to all this trouble....well, just thank you so much.

1934 U.S.A. Dust Storm 1,500 miles long 11th May 1934 : A huge dust storm is spotted moving from the Midwest. The dust storm was 1,500 miles long, 900 miles across and two miles high, covering almost one-third of the country. Farmers lost large amounts of Topsoil during just a few years the phenomenon was known as ( The Dust bowl Years during the 1930s). 
The combination of large areas of landing becoming dust bowls making food production bad and the depression caused by the 29 crash all contributed to the time in History Known as "The Great Depression" 

1943 Germany Dam Busters Raid 17th May 1943 : Lancaster bombers use the revolutionary bomb designed to bounce on the water to bypass dam defences ( immortalised in a 1954 war film Dambusters ) . The bombs were invented for the task by aircraft engineer Dr Barnes Wallis with pilots flying the Lancaster bombers just 100ft above the water.
The destruction of the dams two on the rivers Möhne and Sorpe, and a third on the River Eder caused flood waters to sweep through the Ruhr valley, damaging factories, houses and power stations. 

2007 U.S.A. Virginia Tech 16th April 2007 : Student Cho Seung Hui goes on a killing spree at Virginia Tech killing a former girlfriend Emily Hilscher and her next door neighbor Ryan Clark, and then went on to shoot to death 30 other students before taking his own life Find More From What happened in 2007

Today In History
1917 U.S.A. US Troops To World War I 2nd April 1917 : President Woodrow Wilson tells Congress "The world must be made safe for democracy." asking Congress for a declaration of war and to send U.S. troops into battle against Germany in World War I .

Today In History
1979 U.S.A. Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station 28th March, 1979: Radiation is released at Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station when a cooling plant malfunction releases radioactive steam and radiation near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, The authorities declare a general emergency but did not inform the public until five hours after the gas escaped. 
A study in 2002 found that incidences of cancer in the area were not significantly higher than elsewhere.
This is still considered the worst nuclear incident in US history, but it should be remembered no deaths were attributed to the disaster. 

Today In History
2001 U.S.A. California Electricity Price Increase 46% 27th March, 2001: California regulators approved electricity rate hikes of up to 46 percent following the partially deregulated California energy system . 

Today In History
1953 U.S.A. Polio Vaccine 26th March, 1953: Dr. Jonas E. Salk, announced a vaccine had been used safely and successfully used in preliminary trials on 90 children and adults as a polio vaccine, two years later the vaccine was released and given to every child in the United States.
Poliomyelitis ( Polio ) was one of the most dreaded illnesses which killed or paralyzed thousands during the early 20th century and following World War II the number of cases of Polio increased significantly making the need for a cure or a vaccine to protect against the disease even more important.
Much of the funding for Dr. Jonas E. Salk research came from March Of Dimes Foundation ( National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis ) which had been set up under the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1938 to raise money for polio research and to care for those suffering from the disease. 
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