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Q Leftblank
Advertising Creative, Writer, Eco-Warrior, Singer/Songwriter, Gamer & Loyal Friend of Loyal Friends
Advertising Creative, Writer, Eco-Warrior, Singer/Songwriter, Gamer & Loyal Friend of Loyal Friends

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Keep G+ Awesome.
Don't feed the Trolls pass it on
Did we forget lesson #1 of social networks?

Don't feed the trolls.

Anyone who takes the time and energy to personally attack others by name in an angry rant = troll

Walk on by, G+. Let's keep this place awesome.

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Mars used to have a HUGE ocean. But where did it go?

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A fascinating piece about President Obama's unprecedented admission of the CIA's covert drone program - during his LIVE Google Plus Hangout

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The best presented argument against Global Warming skeptics that I have read thus far.

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The natural world has a near limitless ability to fascinate us
+Mark Egan
Aurora over Kvaløya, Norway

September 27, 2011

Image taken by: Fredrik Broms

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As funny and awesome as this is, I can't help but wonder.... what's he gonna do with that money??
Stephen Colbert is just plain Awesome lets hope his mockery of the Super PAC will eventually lead to the Supreme Court to reverse their decision that made Super PAC's what they are today.

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actually, all HE does is win!

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A great factual article with lots of behind-the-scene tidbits that really clear the record -
This is what Obama has and hasn't accomplished the last 3 years (good & bad) separating the spin from the truth.

+JoAnna Hill +Mark Egan

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"NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert"

God bless Public Radio =)
Chris Thile and Yo-Yo Ma, together - definition of awesome! I really enjoyed this collaboration, and I learned a new phrase from their CD title. Thanks to NPR for hosting (although to the dude with the orange shirt: why so bored? Thile is doing a rooster head bob to a song called 'Quarter Chicken Duck'!)

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Yes, you're reading that correctly. He protested IN FAVOR of the Vietnam War.... and by the way, he just happened to be EXEMPT from being drafted himself
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