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I think that the "Nearby" stream in the Google+ app would be a great tool for local businesses. People can instantly find out what is happening in their area, and know the location too. With this tool, businesses can post updates and promote their events to the people who matter - those Nearby.

Picasa is not integrated very well with Google+. I'm looking forward to some big improvements to Photos in the future!

I've been searching for a certain type of photo on all the free stock / creative-commons photo websites I can think of (, Flickr, DeviantArt) for my organization.

Can anyone suggest any other good free stock websites or one's that have Creative Commons photos? I'm looking for all the free possibilities before I should pay. Thanks!

The moment Google+ allows users to search and find public posts is the moment I don't need Twitter.

Google+ allows you not only to creep on your friends, but also people near you. Be very afraid.

Want to know how to post a private message (or Google+'s equivalent to)?

When you share something, below you can select what circles to send to. You can also send to an individual person by typing in their name or email (where it says "+ Add circles or people to share with").

Click "Share", and it will show up in their stream and notify just that one person.

Now, you may be worried that someone may reshare this "private" message. No worries - after you share, click on the arrow that points down, located at the top-right of your post. There will be an option that says "Disable reshare".

Click this, and there will be no option for someone to share your "private" message to others.
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