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Daniel Aguilar
Lover of laughs.
Lover of laughs.

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Person 1: I bet you've won a few ugly sweater contests with that one huh?

Person 2: My grandmother made me this sweater.

Guy about to leave the lake when we just arrived offered an extra bag of ice he didn't need. In return I gave him a beer for the road. #justTexasthings

Since there's still time, I want to wish +Drew Sanders a very happy birthday! He's been an awesome friend and exceptional co-worker. Hope you enjoyed it with your family!

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Would you jump into 46° water & take a selfie for a free Galaxy S5? These people did.

Customers have asked for help in Target when I've worn a red polo before, but never with my blue work polo that says SAMSUNG, until today.

My favorite quote from Godzilla

Heisenberg: Say his name...
Ra's al Ghul: can't be.
Heisenberg: Go on. Say it.
Ra's al Ghul: Gojira.
Heisenberg: You're god damn right.

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