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John S. Quarterman
I grow pine trees in sunny south Georgia.
I grow pine trees in sunny south Georgia.

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A copy of what the VSU Foundation called the “
“well-intentioned request” by

Students Against Violating the Environment (S.A.V.E.).
I added the links and images.

October 17, 2013

Dear VSU Foundation and Board of Trustees,

Recent years have...

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PHMSA fines weren’t the half of Spectra Energy’s leaks and environmental
Do we want a record-EPA-fined pipeline company running PCBs through our counties?
Don’t we have enough
PCBs in the ADS landfill in Lowndes County

in a...

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Now that the NRC is back up, we can see all the nukes that
went down during the government shutdown: nine of them.
If they’re not safe to run without NRC looking over their shoulder,
are they safe to run at all?
And two came back up.
Was that a prudent thing to do?

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Bad news from Britain.
Let’s hope U.S. NRC doesn’t take this as a precedent.

The Telegraph, today,

Chinese companies to buy big stake in next generation of British nuclear power,

George Osborne, the Chancellor, has announced that the UK will allow
Chinese companies...

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A single person risked 50 million lives at Indian Point,
24 miles north of New York City.
And it’s Entergy again, the company that couldn’t keep the power on
during the Super Bowl, that

can’t keep Pilgrim 1 running in
a Massachusetts snowstorm, or summer heat, or the...

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We won!
It’s a win for jobs and clean air and plenty of water in Georgia!
Doubled requirements on solar power, and a dozen coal plants shut down.

2, 4, 6, 8, solar power can’t wait!


astroturf resistance fizzled, while the pro-solar grassroots

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More solar for Georgia must be a good thing if AFP is organizing
astroturf against it.
GA PSC decides Thursday.
Like another speaker

GA PSC last month,
I don’t think even

Bubba McDonald’s proposal to double solar requirements on Georgia Power

nearly far...

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SO has done a lot about energy efficiency, but could it do more,
and how will it profit by doing so?
Prof. Dan Everett asked this
at the

22 May 2013 Southern Company Stockholder Meeting.

I have Mr. Dan Everett from Athens, Georgia, and he holds 11 shares of
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