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I called my representatives and filled out the long contact forms on their .gov sites to protest the SOPA and PIPA proposed laws.
Thanks Wikipedia and Google for all their help and my friends who also contacted their representatives.

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For anyone (like me) who hasn't been keeping up, some of these are hilarious - (damn you auto correct) -

Trying to merge PDF reports using pdftk this morning. For some reason it did not like EventActionReport.pdf Who would have thought?

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Funny commercial. Google Chrome: Angry Birds

Search Google Chrome Speed Tests in yourtube.

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I saw a post here about Evernote. Gota say I'm liking it. I have it on the iPad, windows laptop, Ubuntu (a clone called Nevernote), and a Firefox extension Sharealahoic. Last week I copied some code from a couple of sites and had them in a UN-saved editor window. We lost power and UPS did not let me save the code. Now with the FF extension a whole web page or any thing selected can be added to Evernotes and it is there until I mess that up. I'm sure I'm behind the curve but I thought I would share.

Finally a nice fairly cool morning. The up side is the nice fresh air blowing through the windows. The down side is I now have to watch the sudden out burst of expletives flying from my mouth when programming issues arise.

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Funniest thing I saw this week- Lili running past me panties in hand screaming "Epaw!!!!!!!" as she runs to the potty

Funniest thing I heard this week- "Epaw where's your hair?" "I's gone Lili." Two heart beats later. She tugs on my got. "There it is."

I have toooo many open projects! Got to just say No sometimes ;-)

Maybe people misunderstand me or I misunderstand them. When someone ask "Can you do blah blah blah?" I reply "Well sure I can!" I take them literally when they ask "Can" Maybe i should start reading that as "Will you . . .?"

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OK its official . . .
When you're in trouble call the Wonder Pets
Max has the coolest toys
Dora for goodness sakes sometimes you should find a short cut
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