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A good story from +OPB OregonPublicBroadcasting to cap off your weekend. Enjoy! ‪#‎ServiceStoriesPBS‬
Veteran Chad Brown deals with PTSD through fly-fishing and he's bringing the art to youth.
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Great story!
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Could Harriet Tubman be the first woman on a $20 Bill?

Check out these 10 interesting facts about one of the most famous conductors of the Underground Railroad:
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Y"all to funny.
Hunter Stevens
Demetrius Lockett
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Legendary soul singer Percy Sledge passed away today at 74.

In this clip from the ‪#‎IndyLens‬ documentary Muscle Shoals, Percy recounts how he went from working (and singing) on a cotton field to being discovered by a DJ and finally making it big!

Rest in Peace, Percy.
Muscle Shoals premieres on PBS Independent Lens on April 21, 2014.
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May God Continues to bless your love ones Amen

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So, what do you think?
Tavis Smiley doesn’t seem to be a fan of Lee Daniels’ hit Fox series, Empire. During an interview on PoliticKING With Larry King, King and Smiley spoke about diversity in Hollywood and Smiley critiqued the show and its lack of positive characters. He also alluded to the fact that it...
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I simply do not understand why [SMILEY] would waste his precious time [DEBATEING] such an IDIOT AND BAFOON THIS CHARACTER IS  still on the [PLANTATION] IN FACT  [BRAIN WASHED] FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Bluesman Muddy Waters (1913 - 1983) was born this day. His famous songs include "Hoochie Coochie Man," "Mannish Boy," and "Rollin' Stone," (1950) which the UK band The Rolling Stones and the magazine Rolling Stone named themselves after.  From +American Masters PBS 
Over three and a half-decades, Muddy Waters’ band became a springboard for many of his sidemen, launching a prominent school of blues performers.
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Right On!
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We treat racism like it’s going extinct. It’s not (from +PBS NewsHour)
When 28-year-old George Zimmerman killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin on a residential Sanford, Florida street in February 2012, after trailing the hoodie-clad, iced tea-carrying, youth through the neighborhood because he looked “suspicious,” it became clear that America’s Millennial generation had not, in fact, disentangled itself from the nation’s sordid, bloody, and lamentable history of racial atrocity.
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If we want racism to end, it will take all of us to end it.
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Low-income children are now a majority of the students in American public schools. What is the impact on learning?
Join us TONIGHT for the premiere of 180 Days: Hartsville from +NBPC  Will you be watching?
Homepage of the Peabody-Award winning 180 Days documentary series on education reform.
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This is clearly by design. Remember: we adopted a collectivist etymology, as we were supplying the Axis Powers, with rubber, shortly before becoming involved against the late Super Power. Seven decades later, operant conditioning is/has been the praxis. 

Texas directs about 0.40 of our nation's education system; have you forgotten the controversy over education reform in 2009. Texas won that debate -- Common Core is all around. 
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Everybody wants to know why we sing the blues...

This weekend, we remember the rich, varied career of blues giant B.B. King with a special PBS collection of performances and interviews.
Blues legend B.B. King has died at the age of 89. PBS honors his memory with a collection of his appearances on "Tavis Smiley," "In Performance at the White House" his feature on PBS Digital Studios' "Blank on Blank" and more.
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Pat B
I see.  its a mess.
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BREAKING from +PBS NewsHour: Maryland state attorney Marilyn J. Mosby just announced that Baltimore resident Freddie Gray's death was ruled a homicide.

Criminal charges have been pressed against the six police officers involved in his arrest:
Maryland’s state attorney said Friday there was enough evidence to support criminal charges against six Baltimore police officers in the death of Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old black man who sustained a fatal spinal injury while in custody.
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I for one think this long over due. We need more women with the power make achange. And I am speaking of women from all ethic back grounds.

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TONIGHT from +IndependentLens "The Homestretch" follows three kids as they move through the milestones of high school while navigating a landscape of couch hopping, emergency shelters, and a school system on the front lines of the homelessness crisis.
Watch it tonight on PBS:
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Never Talk down just give some great that will get me too my next step
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Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speaking. Mychal Denzel Smith argues that Millennials misunderstand a key part of Martin Luther King's message. Photo by Ju
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Getting mad at you and PBS for posting something so good, knowing YouTube will only allow (+1) a single time...😑 both nailed it!
Signed: The Race Analyst, PHD (Proving Habits Derogatory) 🌍

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Have you ever felt forced to choose one identity over the other?

If you missed it last night, be sure to watch "Little White Lie" from +IndependentLens
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Pat B
Not sure.  check the listing by the title, google it.  
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