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I write about life.


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Welcome to America

A poor little girl confronts the face of wealth.
A wealthy man looks down its nose at innocence.
A poor little girl who has lost her toys confronts the face of gluttony.
A coddled man looks down his nose at a girl who has nothing.
A frightened child confronts a destructive isolationist.
America's Dictator looks down his nose at what has become the symbol of the cruelty of the Republican Party.

Welcome to America.
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“We found no evidence that the conclusions by department prosecutors were affected by bias or other improper considerations,” the report said, according to one official who read the sentence to The New York Times. “Rather, we concluded that they were based on the prosecutor’s assessment of facts, the law, and past department practice.”

What a sad legacy for the United States of America, that it must live with the reality that some voters fell for the rubbish constantly flung into the atmosphere about Hillary Clinton's emails and therefore swung the election (with Russia's help) to the incompetent man in the White House.

I read James Comey's book, A Higher Loyalty, with great interest, wanting to know from his own experience on the ground why he made the decision he did without consulting Loretta Lynch (or anyone else) about what to do so close to an election that he could very possibly swing.

I do understand his POV, having read his book, and am left with the reminder that everyone is subject to the fallibility of their own judgment-making-system. This is true of Comey, of Clinton (both of them), of Donald Trump and every single person in his cabinet and family, and those Republicans who supported his campaign.

And so we must all live with the reality that at long last even the Justice Department has not found Hillary Clinton responsible for any wrong-doing. Rather, the Justice Department faults Comey's decision to write a letter to Congress mere days before the election, a serious departure from FBI protocol.

It is irrefutably clear that had Comey not done that, Donald Trump would not be in the White House, taking revenge on every Democratic system this country is based upon.

Read, research, read, research, read, research, and read and research some more before going into a voting booth and casting a vote based on high emotion. I feel for those voters who fell for the whole sordid attack on Hillary Clinton and her emails.

But not nearly as badly as I feel for the United States of America and what is and will be for a long time to come, its battle back to being a Democracy instead of an Autocracy.
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Let this be a lesson to all those who are convinced their vote will not make a difference...

Who are convinced voting doesn't matter...

Who are convinced the system is broken and can't be fixed...

Who won't vote unless for a candidate who matches, issue for issue, their own views...

Who won't vote because they grew up in a country where they had a right to vote...

And therefore don't value it...

Who value cynicism and resignation above all else, including their right to vote.

There is no one to blame for a name scratched off the registration list...except the voter who chose not to show up.
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The ONLY reason Trump cancelled his 'summit' with North Korea is because if it failed he would be a failure in the eyes of the world. Better to back out and blame his opponent than to admit he doesn't know how to handle a summit.
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Remarkably easy problem to solve...if an NFL team doesn't want its players kneeling during the national anthem, then don't play it. Banishing them to the locker room while it's being played doesn't solve anything.

Get rid of the notion altogether that people who stand for the pledge of allegiance are patriotic and law-abiding citizens with respect for all people of all races and genders...and the belief that those who don't stand are less patriotic and disrespectful.

Stop determining patriotism or spirituality or dignity or loyalty or decency by whether or not someone prays, holds their hand over their heart, or dutifully pledges allegiance.

Singing songs and anthems doesn't make any one anything meaningful. It just covers up underlying problems and pushes them off to another day.

Stop all that...and then fines won't have to be levied against people being true to themselves.

This fine-levying isn't going to go over well.

What a bunch of hooey.
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Completely obsessed (can someone even be completely obsessed?) with Childish Gambino's (a/k/a Donald Glover's) This is America.


Practicing the moves at home.

Glad no one is watching.

In case you want to join me, below is the choreographer's, Sherrie Silver's, YouTube tutorial on the moves.


Sherrie Silver, Official Dance Tutorial, This is America:
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Yes. I know. One more gun'MAN' kills some people, injures other people in a school.

Yes. I know. Thoughts and prayers.

Yes. I know. Melania's heart is out to everyone.

Yes. I know. TROTUS sends God to bless everyone.

Yes. I know.

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Hoo Wee Justin Peck

I love Justin Peck. Watch.

Then close your eyes and imagine yourself moving through your days so easily flowing, so improvisationally, so expressive, so unpredictable, so nutty, crazy, beautiful.

Stopping. Starting over again. Talking out loud to your self. Imagining. Flipping turning sliding. Adding in a little tap. Slipping off the stage, sauntering down the street and fetching a coffee.

We are all dancers somewhere inside our hearts.

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Many people who claim to respect and be supportive of women actually use that bluff to mistreat and abuse them undercover, hoping that no one would ever suspect them. I believe that's called sociopathy. We will find out the details of Yet One More.
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It’s crazy that some states just give out these guns with very few requirements. - William Evans, Boston Police Commissioner

If the police come to believe an applicant is a possible threat to public safety, they can refuse to grant the permit. And that is what happened in the case of this man from Newton.

The combination could help explain why the state’s mortality rate from firearms incidents is relatively low, according to some experts who have studied these types of laws.

The permit process for rifles and shotguns is slightly different than the process for handguns, but they lead to the same basic result: Today, police can deny ownership of any kind of firearm, subject to court review. That made Massachusetts unique. The other two states with police discretion over ownership, New Jersey and New York, apply that method only to handguns.

By law, the police can restrict a license or deny one outright anytime they have credible evidence that somebody may pose a threat to public safety.

Local police chiefs typically know more about the people in their community than does a national computer. -David Hemenway, a well-respected gun violence researcher at Harvard
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