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i love to run

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Adventures in Kauai, Hawaii
Life has been awesome! We jut got back from a week long excursion in Kauai, HI, also known as the "Garden Isle".  When we were planning our trip, we were trying to decide which island to visit and since I had never been before, R recommended Kauai. He has b...

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Reflection on 2014
I know this is a few weeks early, but when you're in the mood to blog, you're in the mood to blog! When I wrote this post last December, I was sitting at home with my parents and younger brother. I was working two jobs and only had two days off between Octo...

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2014 TCS NYC Marathon
I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted! Boy does time fly. I ran the NYC Marathon 2 weeks ago and after having some time to unwind, I decided it was time to post about it, so here we go.... My weekend began when Ryan picked me up to take me t...

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2 weeks.
In two short weeks, I will begin on a new adventure as an
Inside Sales Rep for Zillow! Words cannot begin to describe how thrilled I am
to start on this new journey. When I found out I was accepted for the position,
it was one of those “if-the-tree-falls-in...

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"Let It Go"
Aparigraha... known by yogis as "non-grasping" or "letting go". As one of my favorite yoga teachers recently said in our Groovin' Flow class, "We have to go to yoga class with no expectations. When we have no expectations for ourselves, all we can do is sur...

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Growing through Yoga
I don't know where to begin. I have had two amazing experiences with yoga this week. The first was during Savasana at The Grinning Yogi in Capitol Hill (taught by Jamie Silverstein) and the second was at the Sweatbox in Capitol Hill (taught by Laura). We al...

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First week in Seattle
This week has been full of apartment sweat. I've been staying with one of my friends for the past week as I've apartment hunted. My goal is to stay in the Capitol Hill area; I have discovered that if I travel too far down Madiso...

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Reflections the night before Cross Country Trip #3!
If you couldn't tell by the exclamation point in the title of this blog post, I'm STOKED! I am SO excited to go out to Seattle, you have no idea. Yes, I'm sad to leave my family, friends, and coworkers but it just feels so right. A few months ago, as you ma...

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Reflection on 2013
      This time last year I was sitting here on my bed with tears in my eyes thinking "Where am I going in my life? What the heck am I doing?" . I felt like I had hit a dead end. I had just recently graduated from college and didn't have a job lined up or a...

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What the heck is up with designers these days?
Something that I have always struggled to understand since I was involved with United Students for Fair Trade is why is apparel these days so much lower quality than it was 50 years ago? Even in the past 10 years alone I find that the materials and methods ...
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