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Dev HTTP Client (Chrome App)
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Platform as a Service from authors of +Restlet 
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What HTTP methods, headers, status codes are more in use/popular than the others? Take this survey and check results.
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DHC v0.6.9.13 is out

  * elapsed time on abort button for long running requests
  * enabled default response mapping modification
  * show raw response for unknown content
  * support for multiple request headers with same name
  * bug fixes

If you like DHC then please donate. Your donations will be used to speed up development of this application.
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For anyone that is following along, +Filip Kolarik and I figured out the problem -- DHC doesn't gracefully handle a QuotaExceededError from Chrome when one's History gets too big. Workaround is to clean DHC History through red Clear button or manually via Chrome Developer Tools (Ctrl-Shift-i), until DHC team can fix in future build.
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Are you looking for JSON representation for HTTP Patch? Please share your thoughts on this draft with us.
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API Craft Conference 2014
Where do we lead the APIs of tomorrow?

You shouldn't miss this event. Register now! We'll be there! 

Big thanks to +Brian Mulloy and +Kevin Swiber for doing this.
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Dev HTTP Client uses new shortcut name DHC

Please donate if you like this app. You can donate via PayPal gateway and we are also accepting Bitcoins. Any amount in any currency is welcomed. Your donations will be used to speed up development. Thank you.
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Slides from my RealtimeConf presentation earlier today! If you want to learn more about HTTP 2.0, check out 
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Thanks Filip, yup this comes from a client requesting to use those parameters for their service. I haven't tried to pass like "Product":"new item()..."
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Contact Information
Contact info
Easily construct custom HTTP requests, save them permanently, take advantage of variables and contexts
Dev HTTP Client is designed and developed by a developer for developers to make direct HTTP resource discovery, manipulation and testing more easily. Beside the main function, sending/receiving custom HTTP requests/responses, it allows permanently to save a request to a local repository for later reuse and moreover the request declaration can include variables that are context specific. With the use of contexts you can easily switch between various environments without modifying request declaration. (e.g. from a test environment to production)

    ★ easy to use, simple user interface, skins
    ★ REST compliant, full request customization, HATEOAS support
    ★ application state persistence
    ★ requests history
    ★ permanent local requests repository +export/import 
    ★ custom request variables 
    ★ custom request contexts
    ★ HTML Form editor (x-www-form-urlencoded, multipart/form-data)
    ★ drag and drop body declaration
    ★ HTML, XML, JSON responses syntax highlighting
    ★ image/* response built-in preview
    ★ browser history/navigation support
    ★ settings (custom methods, mapping, timeout, etc.)

The development is still in progress but all the features are already working now. Stay tuned for updates and drop me message if you like it or not. 
Your feedback is most appreciated and welcomed!