Is Google+ becoming a hostile place for Apple customers? Should it be?

I'm worried about Google+. 

The hostility on Google+ toward Apple and users of Apple products is growing dangerously shrill. I fear the quantity and intensity of anti-Apple sentiment may silence and ultimately drive away Apple users, who represent hundreds of millions of people.

Apple users are routinely and overwhelmingly referred to on Google+ as "sheep" and "idiots." The choice of which phone to buy is increasingly presented as a moral issue, taking on puritanical religious overtones. 

Should Google+ be a mainstream social network where everyone feels welcome? Or should it be just a narrow-interest social network only for the most hardcore Apple-hating Android fans? 

Should Google+ be the superior alternative to Facebook -- the best social network for everybody? Or should it become the Google alternative to Ping -- the narrow, company-specific and irrelevant network only for the most die-hard fanboys? 
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