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PRODUCT FOCUS | K-Commander® Self Centring Idler

Designed to promote correct conveyor belt alignment for single and reversing conveyor belt applications, the K-Commander® Self Centring Idler is uniquely engineered to correct misaligned or wandering conveyor belts travelling too far either side of the centre.

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New Case Study - Steel Manufacturer Reduces Environmental Footprint

For over 50 years our New Zealand customer has built a strong reputation for manufacturing high quality steel products and is a key supplier to a multitude of industries and markets.

Site inspections at the steel plant exposed major inefficiencies in material flow, as well as excessive material spillage and dust emissions between existing skirting and conveyor belt, due to the distance between frames. These inefficiencies resulted in frequent shutdowns and spiralling clean-up costs necessitating recruitment of an external cleaning contractor to manage material spillage minimising environmental and potential safety hazards.

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F.R.A.S Solutions for High Risk Hazard Zones

Fire, explosion and other high risk hazards can occur when grain dust and other combustible materials accumulate, become airborne and connect with ignition sources e.g hot bearings, overheated motors or mistracking conveyor belts.

Kinder polyurethane products incorporates the Blue Polyurethane 83A F.R.A.S certified polymer formulation.

Kinder LIVE from MineX – Mt Isa, QLD

The opportunity to network and connect with Mt Isa’s mining community has been a drawcard in Kinder Australia’s presence at MineX Trade Show, May 16-18.

“We visit the site and take advantage of the fact there is a trade expo which is local to everyone and that they come and see us”, Mr Kinder said.

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PRTS Primary Belt Cleaner - New Brochure

The PRTS Primary Belt Cleaner is a highly effective and performing tungsten carbide primary belt cleaning blade and tensioning system. The primary belt cleaner is multifunctional and suitable for heavy duty applications.

Call to Safeguard Against Conveyor Injuries and Deaths

A LEADING bulk materials handling equipment supplier is urging businesses to safeguard against work-related deaths by installing protective guards on conveyors.

Kinder Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Neil Kinder, said recent figures revealing the extent of work-related deaths in Victoria last year were a timely reminder for employers to be vigilant.

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New Case Study - SUPER Cleaner Delivers Optimal Efficiency & Productivity

For over 15 years, our customer has established itself as a key player in the timber/saw mill industry servicing its clients throughout QLD.

The main challenges faced by the saw mill plant was isolated to their existing scanners not functioning properly and providing inaccurate readings, this resulted in excessive wastage as timber planks were being rejected unnecessarily. Smooth operations on site was predominantly reliant on a clean conveyor belt. The processes and equipment in place meant the site’s conveyor belts required cleaning at least 3 times a day to accurately scan the timber planks. The site’s operational efficiency and productivity had been compromised due to increases in processing time per log. Profitability was also a concern with increasing manufacturing costs per log having a domino effect on the plant’s bottom line.
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