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Lap-Band Support Group Meeting
The next Lap-Band Support Group Meeting will be Monday, June 11th, at 6:30pm at our office located at 8705 Complex Drive, San Diego, Ca 92123.
At this meeting you will have the opportunity to share your stories, ask questions and voice your concerns. Nutritionist, Diane Machcinski, will cover ideas and suggestions on how to eat great and still lose weight, as well as provide some special recipes that you can taste test.

Gastric Banding Center is also offering patients additional support group sessions on Saturdays and Sundays. For these weekend meetings, an appointment is required. For an appointment for Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing or a weekend support group session please call us at 858-715-1822.
If you know anyone who would like to join our support group meeting or someone who is struggling with weight or is considering Lap-Band surgery please have them add their address to our list or please forward the e-mail to a Friend.

Dr. Ronald L. Gertsch
Gastric Banding Center
Medical Director

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Advice for exercise after LAP-BAND --

Switch it up.  Your body will adapt and you will have better results.  You can do treadmill for two weeks and then go to biking or swimming.  Just have some variety in your exercise.  Regularly try to modify your exercise routine.  Change it up; don't get bored.  -

Kristen, Gastric Banding Medical Group Patient, San Diego California

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For all of your cosmetic and surgical needs, we always recommend Dr. Stuart B. Kincaid MD to our patients. His team provides a loving and compassionate service that helps you achieve any goal. Call his office today!
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