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Got a new helmet cam.  I'll tweak the aim.  Lots of fun.

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Why can't I find a music player for my android phone that:

DOES NOT need access to my accounts database
DOES NOT need access to my phone id, calls, etc
DOES NOT need internet
DOES NOT need (insert special permission here)
DOES NOT freaking crash (like google music)
DOES good playlists
DOES good random shuffle
DOES work with bluetooth +remote
DOES good car mode
I don't give a crap about streaming or the cloud.  I have my own music library that I've paid for.  I just want to have a music player that works like it's supposed to and doesn't try to connect everything I do with the internet.  Is it really that hard?  I'm not looking for free, this would be worth the money.  

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Never heard of these guys before but I like it.  

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How do you like my new ride?

the sound of crickets...

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For +Alan Cox to see if a model train version is possible.

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Because I like you.

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Oh yeah!  Want:

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I'm just going to leave this here:
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