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25.02.D-Frankfurt - Nachtleben
26.02.D-Hannover - Faust
27.02.D-Saalfeld - Klubhaus
05.03.D-Niederaula - 5. Fullmetal Osthessen

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PELICAN Announces First European Tour Since 2013
Chicago's celebrated torchbearers of instrumental metal, PELICAN, will return to Europe for a string of dates this Spring. This marks the band's first European tour since the successes of their innovative 2013 LP Forever Becoming and 2015's 4-track EP, The Cliff -- both released via Southern Lord -- and their 2014 Arktika live 2xLP. PELICAN will take their dense, meditative sounds, affectual melodies, and distorted atmospheric prowess to Germany, the UK, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic and Denmark, including performances at Desertfest, Young Team Festival, A Colossal Weekend and more.
PELICAN European Tour Dates:
4/28/2016 Astra- Berlin, DE @ Desertfest
4/29/2016 MTC Club - Koln, DE
4/30/2016 Electric Ballroom - London, UK @ Desertfest
5/01/2016 The Fleece - Bristol, UK
5/02/2016 Audio - Glasgow, UK
5/03/2016 Gorilla - Manchester, UK
5/04/2016 Le Grand Mix - Lille, FR
5/05/2016 La Maroquinerie - Paris, FR
5/06/2016 Dunk! Festival - Zottegem, BE
5/07/2016 Les Trinitaires - Metz, FR @ Young Team Festival
5/08/2016 Rote Fabrik - Zurich, CH
5/10/2016 Arena - Vienna, AT
5/11/2016 NOD - Prague, CZ
5/12/2016 Hafenklang - Hamburg, DE
5/13/2016 A Colossal Weekend - Copenhagen, DK
PELICAN's most recent release, The Cliff EP was released in February, featuring new track as well as four remixes of "The Cliff" from the band's What We All Come To Need Southern Lord LP, including remakes by Justin Broadrick (of Godflesh, Jesu), Aaron Harris and Bryant Clifford Meyer of ISIS/Palms, and, for only the second time in their fourteen year career, vocals. Allen Epley (Shiner, The Life and Times) once again returns to the band's fold to transform, in a complementary manner, the concept and overall outcome of what we have come to know as PELICAN.
Stream and purchase The Cliff at this location: 

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BRIMSTONE COVEN premieres new track, 'Beyond the Astral', via Metal Hammer!

On January 29th, West Virginian dark occult rockers BRIMSTONE COVEN will release their first full-length album, 'Black Magic', via Metal Blade Records! In anticipation of their debut, the band has premiered a new track, 'Beyond the Astral', today with Metal Hammer Germany, which can be heard here:

BRIMSTONE COVEN comments: "'Beyond the Astral' is about leaving the confines of the human body in order to gain knowledge among the stars. We have been playing this song live for a while now and many fans feel this is their favorite Brimstone Coven song, enjoy!"

For another preview of 'Black Magic', be sure to check out the video for the album's title track at:, where the record can also be pre-ordered.

"Such quality as displayed on BLACK MAGIC cannot be found anywhere else in this genre, except in the works of Swedish act Witchcraft: dark, heavy, lethargic - yet full of harmony and incredibly energetic!" (Metal Hammer magazine, Germany)

"An outstanding genre album, bound to enthuse countless listeners!" (Legacy magazine, Germany)

Formed only four short years ago in Wheeling, West Virginia, BRIMSTONE COVEN self-released Brimstone Coven and its follow-up II in 2013, before Metal Blade inked a deal and packaged both releases as a single set, entitled Brimstone Coven (2014). Inspired by the Appalachian's darkness and mysticism (such as the Mothman, a winged creature that emerged in the '60s; Screaming Jenny; and the Phantom of Flatwoods), the quartet's heavy rock also pushes the atmospheric envelope when the mood fits. Their latest album, Black Magic, boasts gritty, groovy riffs (a la Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Led Zeppelin) with Pink Floydian psychedelic movements, and three-part vocal harmonies reminiscent of the Mamas and Papas, Yes, and The Byrds.

Black Magic track-listing:
1. Black Magic
2. Black Unicorn
3. Beyond the Astral
4. As We Fall
5. Upon the Mountain
6. Slow Death
7. The Seers
8. The Plague
9. Forsaken
10. The Eldest Tree

"Big John" Williams - vocals
Corey Roth - guitar
Andrew D'Cagna - bass
Justin Wood - drums 

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PEACE KILLERS premiere new video from SVART debut

California rock stalwarts Peace Killers premiere a music video for “Devil’s Daughters,” the first single from the band’s self-titled debut album. Finnish label Svart Records will release the album worldwide January 22 on CD, vinyl, and digital formats.  The video was directed by Jesse Mitchell, who is also a member of the Sacramento-based band Kill The Precedent. The music video for "Devil's Daughter" can be seen here:

Based in Sacramento, Peace Killers signed to Svart in 2014. The band recorded the debut album Peace Killers in the summer of 2014 at Earth Tone Studios with the help of local record producer Pat Hills, a force in Sacramento's local music scene.

The members of Peace Killers make up a combined 40 years of experience in the Northern California music scene. The style of writing is swift, intuitive, and improvisational. The result is an early metal sound with a DIY punk ethic. The band boasts a second lead guitar that creates a 3-D effect in the band's blues-based sound. It is inspired by the twin guitars of legends like Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden. Apart from those names, influences include the Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, Van Halen, UFO, Melvins, Fu Manchu, Queens of the Stone Age, Red Fang, Witchcraft, and KISS.

Tracklisting for Peace Killers' Peace Killers
1. Devil's Daughters
2. Feast on Fisticuffs
3. From Sleep
4. Heavy Days / Moon Blood
5. Sugar's Peepers
6. Young Man's Shoes
7. Recovery
8. Green Metal
9. Spoonful

Peace Killers are: 
Andrew Harrison - lead singer, guitars 
Alex Dorame - bass, vocals 
Cory Weigert - guitars, vocals 
Greg Hyatt - drums 

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SUNN O))) To Reissue Dømkirke Vinyl Live Double-LP In February
2015 was a busy year for SUNN O))). Following the recent release of the triadic entity Kannon -- their first full-length album since 2009's Monoliths And Dimensions -- a series of magnificent European appearances, culminating in their curation of four days at Utrecht's Le Guess Who? festival, the band now presents the news that their live album, Dømkirke, will see dawn of day again this February.
Kannon, in its earliest incarnation, was spawned and inspired from live compositions of SUNN O))); elements of which were present at Dømkirke, Dømkirke itself was recorded at the Bergen Cathedral in Bergen, Norway during the Borealis Festival in 2007. The four-song double album was initially released in September 2008 and is available on vinyl only, with one track featuring on each side of the records. This performance features intrinsic members of SUNN O)))'s mythology, including Attila Csihar (vocals), Tos Nieuwenhuizen (Moog), Lasse Marhaug (noise), Steve Moore (organ, trombone) with Greg Anderson (guitar) and Stephen O'Malley (guitar) vitally remaining at the center of the constellation.
Dømkirke will be re-released on February 5th, 2016 on 2xLP only.
Dømkirke Track Listing:
1. Why Dost Thou Hide Thyself in Clouds?
2. Cannon
3. Cymatics
4. Masks the Ætmospheres
Kannon is now available via Southern Lord on gatefold LP, CD and digital formats worldwide. Order through the SUNN O))) store, the Southern Lord store, the European Southern Lord store and via Bandcamp.
SUNN O))) will embark on a series of tour dates in Australia this March. For these three special shows, the band will perform on March 12th at Adelaide Festival with Magma and many more, followed by two Life Is Noise shows on March 15th and 16th in Sydney and Melbourne respectively.
SUNN O))) Australian Tour Dates:
3/12/2016 Adelaide Festival - Adelaide, AUw/ Magma
3/15/2016 Manning Bar - Sydney, AU
3/16/2016 Max Watts - Melbourne, AU
"Any review of Dømkirke would be remiss without commending Southern Lord's dedication to presenting its records as non-disposable pieces of art" - Pitchfork
"Domkirke exceeds expectations; it is an unexpectedly dynamic, labyrinthine document of texture and space, and sees Sunn O))) defend its title as one of the most prestigious (and prolific) bands of American metal." - Consequence Of Sound
"Dømkirke still stands up far beyond many of the drone releases today." - Sputnik Music 

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FRIEDEMANN: German Singer/Songwriter To Release Sophomore LP Via Exile On Mainstream; Two Videos Playing + Tour With Conny Ochs Nears
Germany's Exile On Mainstream Records is preparing for the late January release of Wer Hören Will Muss Schweigen, the magnificent sophomore LP from enigmatic singer/songwriter FRIEDEMANN. Two new videos from the album have been released, and preorders for the LP have been posted.
Every time has its voices, every era has its singers. If these singers are able to illustrate the specifics of their time and take us by the hand, showing us a new conceivability and let us recognize what we have to do with it their voices will remain with us. And they will make us realize that we are a part of it, we are there, right in the middle. These artists remain a rare breed and they are the ones who not only say something but tell it and they leave us in bliss, and a tiny bit more geared-up for our everyday life. Their contribution is here and now, truthful but transient at the same time. And you know why? It's life, nothing more, nothing less.
FRIEDEMANN's debut album, Uhr vs, Zeit, released through Exile On Mainstream in 2014, is one of these records which not only deals with the above mentioned approaches, it is one timeless masterpiece in whose contents, individuals and society, personal destiny and social life, meta level and microcosm are interwoven to one blissful flow, equipped with true words and a meaning, but without palaver - yet simple but chignon and in the words' best meaning: music for everyone. Someone found a voice and has been using it.
Now Friedemann delivers the sophomore album Wer Hören Will Muss Schweigen ('One who wants to listen, gotta keep quiet') and tidies up this voice: more rhythm, more melodies, more topics, more thoughts and...more joy. The whole album draws from his search for new ways of expression while channeling in experiences from the past year, touring and maintaining his rural lifestyle. This all is woven into poetry describing how oddity and sense of responsibility, alterity and community are not antagonisms anymore. Again: Life. FRIEDEMANN sings about it and one can feel how much he loves life and we are invited to follow. The life he lives illustrates the songs with a profoundness one can feel even if you're not familiar with his lifestyle.
Two new videos from Wer Hören Will Muss Schweigen are now available to the public; the LP's opening tune, "Gejammer," playing here: - and the ninth track, "Haben Und Brauchen" here:  
Wer Hören Will Muss Schweigen will see release on January 29th; international preorders for the CD are available via Exile On Mainstream, and stateside preorders for both can be ordered via Earsplit Distro.
Wer Hören Will Muss Schweigen Track Listing:
1. Gejammer
2. Djamila
3. Wer Hoeren Will Muss Schweigen
4. Heimatlos
5. Unschuld
6. Moeglichkeiten
7. Liebe
8. Knall
9. Haben Und Brauchen
10. Wo Bleiben Wir
11. Paola
12. Teilen
13. Wunder
14. Glueck
FRIEDEMANN and labelmate Conny Ochs will celebrate a series of record release shows together surrounding the release of both of their new LPs, with shows across Germany in Leipzig, Quedlinburg, Herzberg and Dresden February 18th through 21st.
FRIEDEMANN Double Record Release Shows w/ Conny Ochs:
2/18/2016 UT Connewitz - Leipzig, DE
2/19/2016 Reichstrasse - Quedlinburg, DE
2/20/2016 P-Party - Herzberg, DE
2/21/2016 Chemiefabrik - Dresden, DE

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SPEKTR stream new track "From The Terrifying To The Fascinating"

Experimental French black metallers, SPEKTR, have teamed up with CVLT Nation for North America and VS Webzine for Europe, to reveal a new song, "From The Terrifying To The Fascinating", taken from their upcoming new album "The Art to Disappear", set to be released on January 29th via Agonia Records. Listen to the track here:

CVLT Nation (NA)

VS Webzine (EU)

SPEKTR takes delight in delivering an infinitely dark, at times psychotic aura, and transmuting the Black Metal reins into a loose form. Shrouded in a veil of vocalless, industrial and ambient-infected secrecy, the duo's music stands as a metaphore for a trip into the unconfortable uknown. 

The band commented on the new album: "The Art to disappear is the 5th gate opened on SPEKTR multiple realities, a fifth Arcane to a demanding Experience where Putrefaction is a necessity to Sublimation. A noxious feel of violent reaction generates under and over tones exploration from the terrifying to the fascinating. Never has it been such Intangible in a yet grim and solid audio Manifestation alledging that what you hear, like what you see is just a small corridor narrowing a larger Grand Design - Thus, the Art as the incarnation disappearance behind the Absolute. We have seen illusion and reality began to overlap and fuse... the line between them begins to disappear".

1 - Again
2 - Through the Darkness of Future Past
3 - Kill Again
4 - From the Terrifying to the Fascinating
5 - That Day Will Definitely Come
6 - Soror Mystica
7 - Your Flesh is a Relic
8 - The Only One Here
9 - The Art to Disappear

"The Art to Disappear" will be available in:
- 3 panel digipack CD with booklet
- transparent while splatter LP (with black and grey marks) + A2 poster and patch
- black haze LP with A2 poster
- T-shirt 

Previously released song:


Agonia Records:

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Mad Hornet: full song posted online

Mad Hornet has uploaded one new full song from its latest album "Would You Like Something Fresh?", published last year. A cover version of Haddaway's "What Is Love" is available for streaming on Atomic Stuff's YouTube channel:


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Los Angeles Experimental/Doom Group DEATHKINGS Releasing Sophomore Album in March

Los Angeles based experimental/doom/rock group DEATHKINGS will release their second full length album, All That Is Beautiful on March 18.  Album track "Sol Invictus" is now streaming at this location:

In the wake of their debut album, Destroyer, as well as the recent vinyl 7" split with ROZAMOV through Midnite Collective, DEATHKINGS descended upon listeners with their bleak, yet enlightening look at the world around them.  This state of unrest was developed and channeled into aural and material form with the help of Derek Donley (Bereft, Gravitron, National Sunday Law, You Big Ox, Pigeonwing, Intronaut) at his Ox Cave Studios in Los Angeles.  With Donley at the helm, the band steers the listener through the blending of drowning, desperate rage blended with tranquil  undertones. 

All That Is Beautiful was finished in early 2014 at Donley's Ox Cave Studios.  Uniting with the Midnite Collective for the third time, both entities have grouped to carefully craft a visually stunning package, deserving of the music contained therein. The band will unleash aural and visual ruin via digital. CD. cassette tape and vinyl (later in the year) releases starting this Spring Harvest, 2016. 

Track Listing:

1. Sol Invictus
2. The Storm
3. The Road to Awe
4. Dakhma

Drums: Sean Spindler
Bass/vocals: Nicolas Rocha
Guitars: Mark Lüntzel
Guitars: Daryl Hernandez
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