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Here's a little blog about Google +'s new update.

It makes for a decent read (even if the figures are still misleading).
Welcome to the new Google+

It's with great delight that we're launching a fresh, new, beautiful version of Google+ today... Coming to a browser to you soon as we roll out over the course of the day. There's much to love about this... please read Vic's blog post!

Am quite liking this new G+ layout! What about you?

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Anyone from the Birmingham area seen this little fella?

There have been loads of attempted child abductions in my area since the Easter half term started, I really hope that's not what's happened here and he's safe and well somewhere...
Can you help find this boy?

10 year-old Kyle Hall from Smethwick, West Midlands, went missing on Tuesday afternoon after leaving his home to go out and play.

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Horray! The first Trinity Mirror regional site with its very own G+ page.

Posting on G+ is like talking to someone in a coma. You don't know if anyone's listening but you feel you should talk anyway...

For brands, Twitter and Facebook are an extension of the main product. Each offer different things to a user: breaking news, the inside scoop, special offers... so what does G+ offer that's unique for brand fans? They loook and feel just like Facebook pages to me.

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There is value in a Google+ brand page then...
Android is the most popular brand on Google+!

I'm not surprised: Many Google+ users are big fans of Android and all things Google. Good going Google!

Are you using Google + more since the Facebook change? Put a +1 next to the comment that applies to you...

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Shocking proof that sometimes it's better to be anonymous online. Poor guys.
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