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"Keep concentrating on what I told you a while ago, that the number of people who are familiar with your fair-mindedness is completely irrelevant. People who want their virtue to be advertised are working for renown rather than virtue. Aren’t you willing to be just without renown? In fact, of course, you will often have to combine being just with being disgraced. And then if you are wise, you should take delight in the bad reputation you have won by your good behavior"

- Seneca, Letters 113.32

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Come on out to the Brewer's Dice game launch at +BadWolf Brewing Company on Wed (little BadWolf) or Sun (big BadWolf) and you could win the contest for highest score in one round! Looking forward to seeing you all there.

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⌛Tonight is your last chance to enroll on How to Think Like a Roman Emperor #Stoicism of Marcus Aurelius

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Stoicon 2017, several Stoicon-Xs, and Stoic Week are coming up soon in October. Check out what events are already confirmed!

If you are planning an event - or if your organization, institution, or group will be working through the Stoic Week course together - make sure to contact me with the details, so I can add the information to the next version of this post.

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Another Nazi learns that Behavior has Consequences
In this episode of "Satisfaction", we look at the case of Ms. Alisa Kiss. Now, Ms. Kiss decided to grow up to #Charlottesville from Georgia, to march with the #NaziDouchebags. However, what makes her case different from Parts 1 and 2, is that Ms. Kiss doesn't have an arrest warrant out for her. No, she's a real special case. Ms. Kiss has, or rather HAD a porn site, featuring herself, called

The Raw Story article doesn't state how the site's webmaster found out about her marching as a #Nazi, but he did. And as a result, the webmaster has totally dismantled the website and is refunding all current members.

Ms. Kiss is not available for comment, has killed her Twitter account and set her FecesBook page to private. So, Ms. Kiss truly, can no longer get nor give...#Nazi satisfaction! 😂😂

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Edmontonia rugosidens’s most distinguishing characteristic may be its back, which served as armor for the dinosaur. Bony plates called osteoderms covered this animal from the Late Cretaceous (about 100 to 66 million years ago). The osteoderms weren’t bound together, which allowed a certain flexibility and helped prevent puncture wounds from predators. Spikes along the dinosaurs’ sides added protection. Edmontonia is classified as a nodosaurid ankylosaur, and lacks the weapon-like club tail that relatives such as Ankylosaurus had. Instead, Edmontonia’s tails featured a row of triangular spikes that were perhaps used to slash aggressors. A keen sense of smell also aided these herbivores, helping them both avoid predators and find food. Edmontonia roamed Canada as well as other parts of North America and is in fact named for Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, where it was first discovered.

Read more about Edmontonia and other dinosaurs:
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