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André Rieu - Under the Stars - Live in Maastricht V - Full Concert:

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Interesting compilation of different presentation techniques from leaders in their industry.

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How to Score Your Website’s SEO in 10 Minutes or Less 

Many digital marketers know a lot of details about SEO, but they have trouble with the big picture.
One of the most important skills you can develop is getting a quick snapshot of a website’s SEO. All it takes is ten minutes. And you don’t need any expensive tools.
You can use this step-by-step process to determine your own website’s health, to find out how your competitors are doing, and to discover what needs to be done to improve your SEO.
What I’m going to show you here is a broad overview process. This doesn’t get into the nitty-gritty of a full SEO analysis, nor does it explore offsite SEO in a detailed way. The goal is quick-and-dirty pulse-taking.Here’s the process:

  *Step 1:  Find out the domain authority
 *Step 2:  Determine the site load time
 *Step 3:  Check for a sitemap
 *Step 4:  Check the robots.txt
 *Step 5:  Check for meta content
 *Step 6:  Check for H-tags
 *Step 7:  Check for onsite content
 *Step 8:  Test keywords. #SEO #website’s #google #Keywords

Read more at here : 

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Hunting Island State Park,South Carolina

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Amazing experiment!

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Facebook is buying a drone maker!

Facebook is in talks to acquire a drone maker called Titan Aerospace.

The company makes drones that can fly at the edge of space on solar power for five years without landing.

Facebook wants to build 11,000 of the drones to bring Internet connectivity to parts of the world that do not have it, according to an article in +TechCrunch, which broke the story. The price of the acquisition is said to be $60 million. 

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Lenz’s law & why do magnets fall more slowly through a copper tube?
When you move a magnet past a metal plate or through a copper tube you generate a current.
The current it’s self generates magnetic fields which oppose the magnetic field generated by the magnet impeding it’s movement
The key is in explaining that the law runs both ways; current generates magnetic fields, and magnetic fields generate current.

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Story and gif via The Crafty Chemist
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The complete G+ guide with indexed details.
Ultimate List of Google Plus Resource Guides

As many of us are aware, Google products and services are continuously being updated with new features and it can quickly get overwhelming to stay on top of it all.

I wanted to share my running list of Google+ posts and resources that will assist any new or seasoned user with virtually any aspect of posting, sharing, engaging, communities, etiquette and network features. The following are a few resources I've found to either be incredibly comprehensive, insightful and or useful listed in no particular order: 

1. +Denis Labelle has created a comprehensive resource guide for virtually every aspect of the network discussing everything from getting started, events, Hangouts, auto enhance and more!  Read Dennis’ New Google+ Users: Meet The New Google+ everything guide here:

 - Dennis is a consistent resource for all things Google, Google Plus, Google Plus for business, and social media. 

2. +Scott Buehler has written multiple resources on the entire process of successfully using Google Authorship. View Scott’s The Ultimate Guide to Google Authorship here:

3. For tips on proper Google+ etiquette, check out +Mike Allton's  post on How Not To Use Google+ here:

4. For insight on proper Google+ Community Etiquette, read  +Kristoffer Howes' Google+ post here:

5. To become more informed on posting that will increase your engagement and visibility, read +Andrij Harasewych's  guide on Posting On Google+ - Cheat Sheet here: 

6. For newer users looking for a complete comprehensive resource guide to getting the most of your time on Google+, read +martin shervington's  The Ultimate Google+ Quickstarter Guide here: 

 - Also be sure to check out Martin’s new YouTube video series on the Complete Guide to Google Plus Circle Management and Communitites here:

7. To learn more about the New Google Plus Hangouts; Video calls, messages, setup & basics, check out +Ronnie Bincer's  resource here:

 - Ronnie is also know as the "Hangout Helper" and is a great resource for all things Hangouts, HOAs, YouTube and effective video marketing.

8.  For guides on using Google Plus for business and personal use be sure check out +Michael Bennett's  complication of useful Mark Traphagen posts and resources here:

 - +Mark Traphagen is a resource and industry expert for all things Google Authorship and social media. 

9. For a complete resource guide on Google Plus Basics, Tips and Tricks view +Jaana Nyström's  presentation on Google Play here:

10. For insight into Google Plus jargon and terminology used by seasoned plussers, check out +Rand Wilson's Official Google Plus Translation Guide here:

Whew, that’s a lot of reading! Rest assured, almost every question you may have regarding Google Plus can be answered in one or more of these resource guides. Be sure to thank the authors for their time, effort and expertise! 

#googleplus   #googleplustips   #googleplusguides  

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Ballons could provide internet access to remote places. Great initiative  originated by great imagination.
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