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Nan Smith
I'm a self taught jewelry designer specializing in wire work.
I'm a self taught jewelry designer specializing in wire work.


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Here I am finally!!!!
Welcome to the 9th Bead Soup Blog Party, Hoarders Edition hosted by the wonderful Lori Anderson, creator of the original Bead Soup Blog Party. Despite suffering through some really difficult health issues over the last couple of years she has returned bette...

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Polymer Clay Challenge
Hi there! It's been 8 weeks since I started Katie Oskin's #2017PCChallenge and so far I've been posting new items every week on the group Facebook page . Since I've become totally addicted to polymer clay cane making  I have amassed a LOT of canes!. So I've...

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My beads have arrived from Germany!
Lori Anderson of Pretty Things  has undertaken to host another blog party and I've signed up for it. Lori has the best parties and I for one, am very happy that she is feeling well enough after a couple of very tough years with illness. Of course as soon as...

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I had this idea....
I have been having soooo much fun this past year experimenting with polymer clay techniques. It really is a rabbit's hole life where the more you discover, the more you discover that there is more to discover! During one of my clay adventures I had this ide...

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Grow Your Blog Hop 2015
Hi everybody and welcome to my blog.Last year I participated in this party  and made many new bloggy friends and started following a whole bunch of new blogs! As a result of that party I gained about 40 new followers of my blog so hopefully you'll all see s...

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Who Am I ?
I've signed up for the Bead Peeps Swap 'N' Hop and am looking forward to the whole event. It involves swapping beads and goodies with another jewelry artist and making jewelry with what you receive.The resulting jewelry will all be revealed on everyone's bl...

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2015 Polymer Clay Challenge Week 2
I am continuing my experimentation with the Mokume Gane technique in this challenge but this week I have also added my first attempts to use alcohol inks in my creations.I bought some inks a few weeks ago but have been hesitant to try them. I couldn't figur...

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January "We're All Ears" Challenge
This is my first time trying this challenge so I hope you'll be gentle with me! I have been following this blog forever and really enjoy seeing what everybody has created. This month we were challenged with the Pantone 2015 Spring Color Palette. I specifica...

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Polymer clay challenge 2015 : Week 1
Unbelievably I've managed to get my first week challenge done by the due date. Katie Oskin from KaterAcres has issued this challenge for each of us to create a polymer clay project every week for the next year. There is a facebook page with all the entries ...

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BNB challenge.
I was so excited when I saw what picture Gloria Allan had chosen for the  current BNB challenge. It is a fantasy painting and in the foreground there are many unusual , colourful plants and flowers that are almost identical to the polymer clay headpins I cr...
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