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Paul Signorelli
Writer, Trainer, Instructional Designer, Presenter, Social Media Strategist, and Consultant
Writer, Trainer, Instructional Designer, Presenter, Social Media Strategist, and Consultant


Time to rekindle the embers here?

One way would be to join in Season 3 of George Couros's Innovator's Mindset MOOC (#IMMOOC) which got off to a fabulous start a couple of days ago.

I'm finding the same sense of wonderfully collaborative virtual community there that I've found here and am realizing how much I've missed it.

Hope to see you there. And if you're interested in doing something either here in #etmooc (a tweet chat in October, perhaps?) or in combination with the #IMMOOC community (we could set up an #etmooc tweetchat and invite #IMMOOCers in to see what would happen when worlds collide) if that would be of interest. Could also reach out to some of my own "Rethinking Social Media" course alums to see if they want to become part of the community we did so much to nourish here.


Arrived in Denver today and will be here for several days to participate in a big conference (ATD International Conference & Exposition) downtown. Any recommended banner missions in addition to the six-part Denver mission I just spotted?

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"The cMOOC That Would Not Die" ( is rising for another round of conversation, camaraderie, and learning: we're looking forward to catching up with current and new members of the #etmooc community during our next hour-long tweetchat, on the topic of "The #EdTech We & Our Learners Love," this Wednesday (4/13/16) at 9pm ET/6pm PT. We will, as usual, use the #etmooc hashtag. Rhonda Jessen and I will lightly facilitate the session. If you want to prime the pump, you can take a look at the infographic and executive summary at the beginning of the @NMCorg Horizion Report > 2016 Higher Education Edition ( And please don't forget that we're still very much working to honor our source of inspiration, Alec Couros, through donations to the newly-established Mario Couros Memorial Bursary: -- you can make a difference by donating at a level that is comfortable for you and helping to attract other donors to this wonderful #etmooc-based effort to support quality education.

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For friends and colleagues interested in the San Francisco Hidden Garden Steps project, here's the latest: the project is one of 14 that will be honored with an SF NEN (Neighborhood Empowerment Network) Award next month. We remain grateful to everyone who is continuing to make the site a neighborhood gem that serves as a wonderful meeting place for people from all over the world. More information about the award and free awards ceremony is available at
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The #etmooc  community rides again: next hour-long live Tweet chat:

Topic -- Failing to Learn: How Failure Contributes to Learning
Wednesday, October 28, 2015
9 pm ET/6 pm PT
Hashtag -- #etmooc  

For those who want a bit of pre-reading to prime the pump:
"Making Friends With Failure"
Ainissa Ramirez, Edutopia, August 26, 2013

Hope to see you there. Newcomers welcome, as always.

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The latest reconvening of the #etmooc community--a tweet chat on the topic of hyperlinked learning--has been captured in a slightly-edited transcript produced with Storify. Plenty of wonderful moments here--and yes, you're going to have to skim the Storify document if you want to see what (and who) showed up.

Thanks to everyone--particularly chat co-host and cherished #etmooc  colleague Erin Luong--for making this another hour well-worth experiencing.

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Happy to announce that  Erin Luong and I have rescheduled our July #etmooc  gathering (originally scheduled for last week) and are now set to facilitate an hour-long tweet chat (using the #etmooc hashtag) on Wednesday, July 29, at 9 pm ET/7 pm MT/6 pm PT. We'll be pursuing the topic of "Hyperlinked Learning," an idea inspired by the concept of Hyperlinked Libraries, as summarized in this piece: Please feel free to spread the word so our wonderful community of learning continues to thrive and grow. 

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The rhizomes are continuing to grow: noticing the earlier posting here about Alan Levin'e "The cMOOC That Would Not Die" article and seeing additional references to it on Twitter, I followed the links to his article, posted a comment, realized I wanted to expand upon that brief comment, so am now engaged in a continuing cross-blog exchange with Alan that extends into this piece:

Anyone else want to join the discussion via cross-linked blog posts?

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Another major celebration here in San Francisco today as completion of the Lincoln Park Steps--the fourth large-scale ceramic-tiled staircase in the city--was commemorated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and reception. Lincoln Park Steps project artist Aileen Barr previously worked with Colette Crutcher ( on the three other large-scale ceramic-tiled staircases in San Francisco (,, and For more about the Lincoln Park Steps, please visit For more about Aileen Barr, please visit And for occasional updates about the Hidden Garden Steps, please visit
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No surprises here: the May 27, 2015 #etmooc  tweet chat that Susan Spellman Cann and I facilitated was wonderfully lively and engaging thanks to the ongoing participation of members of the #etmooc  community--and a few unexpected drop-in guests (who, if all goes well, will become part of this ongoing community of learning). A slightly edited version of the conversation (with repetitive retweets deleted and a few comments grouped together to make for a more cohesive reading experience) has been captured via Storify at Already looking forward to an #etmooc  session in June 2015 if all goes as planned.
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