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Feeling left out when colleagues are at conferences and you're still at home? So do some members of the American Library Association (ALA), who routinely follow ALA conferences via Twitter by using the hashtag #alaleftbehind . Which is why some Association staff members, including Mary Mackay, have been wonderfully proactive in providing ways for offsite members to interact with onsite colleagues at the current association Midwinter Meeting in Chicago ( Maurice Coleman's T is for Training podcast is joining the effort via a special 30-minute episode of the show via this Google Hangout on Air from the ALA 2015 Midwinter Meeting Sunday, February 1, 2015 from 4-4:30 pm CT. Onsite participants will meet in the Networking Uncommons in McCormick Place; offsite participants can interact by viewing the session online and interacting via the chat window. Guest host Kate Kosturski will be our onsite-online moderator in this exploration of how to bring offsite colleagues into the room. Hope you can join us and be part of the movement to leave no colleague behind.
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Paul Signorelli. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
T is For Training (live from #alamw15): Bringing Offsite Colleagues Into the Room
Sun, February 1, 5:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Thanks for the invite. Sorry I couldn't make it for the live link, but appreciate the video here.  Looks very interesting. 
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Transcript of the #etmooc  2nd Anniversary tweet chat (1/21/2015) now available via Storify at 
The Educational Technology & Media massive open online course (#etmooc) continues to show how a MOOC-inspired community of learning can be dynamic & sustainable, as this two-year anniversary chat demonstrates. More at &
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Have to say this was a wonderful chat and I feel privileged to call you my friends. This is such a supportive online group of people who truly care . I have such respect!!! Thank you! +Paul Signorelli  thanks for posting and +Glenn Hervieux for the great symbol of our time in such a special space.
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Paul Signorelli

Discussion/Announcements  - 
Believing that I had better do my share if I expect an online community to thrive, I'm writing to see where everyone is in terms of #oclmooc  as a sustainable community of learning and, potentially, part of a larger "MOOChort" ( The past couple of months have been a tremendous time of personal growth--largely as a result of participation in #oclmooc, #ccourses , and a variety of other online interactions--and there seems to be no end in sight. If you want to dive a bit more into what some of those experiences are producing, you'll find more than you'll ever need to know on my blog (, with plenty of links to colleagues' online explorations. More importantly, I hope you'll dive into whatever forum best serves your own learning needs and contribute to our continuing conversations and connected-learning growth. 
There is a particularly sweet moment for us as learners. It's that dazzling, paradigm-shifting, unanticipated moment in which we realize we have learned far more than we set out to learn, that our learning has created a new world of possibilities for us, and that we are part of something much ...
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Regarding Week 5: After today's wonderful Hangout, I went into the Week 5 planning document to add some draft material in case we're still codifying the content to be posted this week. I'm also copying that material here--although the numerous links within the original draft don't appear to be carrying over) to be sure it's accessible to anyone with an interest in contributing; please feel free to edit/add to it in the Week 5 document at

As we move into our final week of formal interactions within #oclmooc (with the assurance that with this connectivist MOOC, the informal interactions before us are potentially substantive, sustainable, and even more abundant than anything we have seen seen in the course), we have a variety of resources and models available to us.

For those who do not yet feel “done” with the connected learning that is at the heart of what we are doing, we have several role models upon which we can draw:

We can continue--as our colleagues in #etmooc and #xplrlrn have done--continue to function as a community of learning via Twitter (using the #oclmooc hashtag with regularly scheduled tweet chats; our Google+ Community with postings and extended interactions whenever any of us feels the need to contribute and respond; Google Hangouts organized and promoted via Twitter and the Google+ Community; through cross-posting of ideas and comments on our individual blogs; and by continuing the extended interactions already underway between #oclmooc and #ccourses (the Connected Courses MOOC, at

If you’re unfamiliar with #etmooc (the Educational Technology & Media MOOC), you’ll find plenty on the course “About” page and blog hub as well as in the ongoing #etmooc Google+ Community. We’re open, active, and always ready to welcome new members. If you want to explore ways to develop your own personal learning network through a network of personal-learning-network explorers, you’ll find plenty about #xplrpln on the course “About” page and home page.  

The continuity that flows from a connectivist MOOC into a dynamic, long-lasting community of learning comes from the contributions of an ever-growing group of members. Sometimes the action is formal--as when members agree to meet on a particular platform (e.g., Twitter or Google Hangouts) as a predetermined time--and sometimes the action is informal (e.g., when members unexpectedly encounter each other in various learning settings, as one of our co-conspirators, Paul Signorelli, noted in an article for the New Media Consortium blog: “Open Innovations: #etmooc, Connected Learning, and ‘MOOChorts’ of Lifelong Learners.”) The interactions can also extend over a much longer period of time than anticipated, as Paul noted in a separate article that was cited in Week 3 of #oclmooc: “Learning Time and Heads That Spin”; this takes us into a fascinating world of learning where synchronous and asynchronous interactions become blended into wonderfully intriguing “moments” beyond” what we normally encounter.

Our community will continue to explore, connect, and learn from the interactions that are at the heart of connectivist MOOCs. We hope you’ll be with us in the months and years to come, and that you’ll contribute as time and individual interests allow. 

Thanks for being part of the #oclmooc community.
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Hello Everyone,
Still here.  Had a terrible month with a dog sick every night.  Anyway, quite out of touch, need to know how to best help at this moment, since (thankfully) looks like people have stepped in to help.  Available at way to catch me personally).  
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Paul Signorelli

Questions and Answers  - 
Repeating a tip I just posted (as a comment) on our main #oclmooc WordPress Blog Hub page: Placing a cursor over the title of any article featured in the recent-blog-posts section of the page provides a several-line preview of the post; hope this tip helps others find engaging content they might otherwise overlook for lack of opps to browse.
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Haven't been able to locate the online draft for our Week 3 tweet chat, so came up with this (alternate?) script in case we still need one:

Tweets for #oclmooc Week 3 Live Session
October 15, 2014
Draft Prepared by Paul Signorelli
Latest Update: October 15, 2014, 3 pm PT

Join us in 30 minutes for #oclmooc; topic: “Collaboration & Community” in learning; more info at

Join us in 15 minutes for #oclmooc: discussion for this session is “Collaboration & Community” in learning

Join us in 5 minutes for our #oclmooc discussion on “Collaboration & Community” in learning

Welcome to our 3rd weekly #oclmooc tweet chat; our theme tonight is “Collaboration & Community”; more info at

Please introduce yourself to #oclmooc colleagues: your name, location, & role in teaching-training-learning

Q0) A great starting point from #lrnchat colleagues: what did you learn today (or this week)? #oclmooc

Q1) What helps you develop learning collaborations & communities with colleagues? #oclmooc
Q2) What helps you develop learning collaborations & communities with your learners? #oclmooc

Q3) Where are your learning communities (e.g., onsite, online, blended), & how do you interact with them? #oclmooc

Q4) How (if at all) has participation in #moocs changed your approach to learning communities & collaboration?  #oclmooc

Q5) What keeps you engaged in learning communities & collaborations? #oclmooc

Q6) What makes you leave a learning community or collaborative team? #oclmooc

Q7) What is one of the most dynamic learning communities you've joined, & what makes/made it dynamic? #oclmooc

Q8) What, from #oclmooc, has most inspired you about learning communities & collaboration? #oclmooc

Q9) What can #oclmooc colleagues do to help you further develop your learning communities & collaborations? #oclmooc

Wrap-up: Your name, location, & what you are currently doing in teaching-training-learning (shameless plugs welcome) #oclmooc

Thanks, everyone; looking forward to continuing the conversation in #oclmooc at
Welcome to week 3, October 8 - 14, 2014.  As we reach the midway point in #oclmooc, we are diving back into the heart of our Open and Connected Learning MOOC by exploring two key concepts: collabor...
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here is the google doc link->
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Have him in circles
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Paul Signorelli

Shared publicly  - 
One of the most fascinating parts of the #etmooc  experience is that the community continues to thrive nearly two years after it first formed, as we saw again through our latest online tweet chat (this evening). If you missed our conversation on the topic of connected learning, you can still join by skimming the Storify transcript at The conversation will, no doubt, continue here in our Google+ community, via Twitter, and in a variety of other settings as we continue reconnnecting with colleagues and welcoming new members to the community in this #ConnectedLearnin  success story.
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Catching up on all the connected learning we've been doing together, I'm writing to see whether we've nailed down our November 2014 #etmooc  (and #oclmooc?) online event. Willing to co-facilitate a tweet chat or Google Hangout if needed. Hope all is well with everyone else.
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As we prepare for Week 5 and think what "post- #oclmooc " life might bring, I keep coming across possibilities worth sharing. As I mentioned during our Hangout last Sunday, there appears to be interest from at least a couple of our #ccourses  colleagues in looking for ways to collaborate (Howard Rheingold is already asking the same question about the Connected Courses MOOC that we're asking about #oclmooc--what happens next?--and Gardner Campbell might be interested in collaborating on a user guide for those who want to use #ccourses  and/or #oclmooc  to facilitate additional learning along the lines of what we're all supporting). I came across another potential partner/model this morning via the following tweet:

Laura Hilliger @epilepticrabbit What does it mean to work open? Study on doing just that  @HiveLearningNYC via @Empathetics #ccourses

Diving into the Hive info, I was quickly immersed in what became an hour-long exploration of the Hive via the various links from the initial article and through the wonderful white paper that is at the heart of the article.

Not sure yet how this can/could/will play out, but it seems to be we have a chance to further build upon what started for us in #etmooc  and continues through the various contacts and resources we have--and one of the many nice things about all of this is that we don't have to start from scratch. What our #ccourses colleagues are considering (in essence, a leader guide for that course), combined with our own co-conspirator guide and somehow connected to the Hive's expanding work and what Alec Couros has inspired through #etmooc, might produce unbelievably wonderful results and be a true connected learning success story.

In the summer of 2014, a group of Hive NYC members and stakeholders came together to think, talk and design around the idea of ‘working open’ in the Hive. The context was the Network that Learns de...
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Keep us posted Paul, sounds interesting.
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Rhonda: Here's the link you requested to pull all of the #oclmooc  pieces directly from my blog into one page:

Noticed one strange element: the sixth piece seems to come at the end of the threat, out of sequence, but at least it's still part of the entire feed. Feel free to use the feed wherever you think it will be most effective.
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Paul Signorelli

Week 3: Collaboration and Community  - 
When I jumped at the opportunity to serve as an #oclmooc  co-conspirator (, I had no idea that my connected-learning experiences would include collaborating from 37,000 feet above the planet. Here's a description of how I've taken my own connected-learning efforts to new and unexpected heights, thanks to a great WiFi connection on a cross-country Virgin Airlines flight last night: happened:
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+Paul Signorelli I really appreciate your regular blog updates about events in #oclmooc  and #ccourses  and the intersections between the content and participants. We are fortunate to have such a gifted storyteller/curator in our learning journey.
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  • University of North Texas (MLIS degree), Golden Gate University (M.A., Arts Administration), UCLA (B.A., Poli-Sci)
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Writer, Trainer, Instructional Designer, Presenter, Social Media Strategist, and Consultant

I'm Paul Signorelli, a San Francisco-based writer, trainer, instructional designerpresenter, social media strategist, and consultant.

I explore/use/write about/help others become familiar with e-learning, social media, MOOCs, & mobile technology to creatively facilitate positive change within organizations; develop/manage workplace learning & performance (staff training) programs; foster collaboration & partnerships; assist in organization development (strategic planning, content strategy, critical thinking in decision-making, marketing/pr, fundraising & grant-writing); & help clients improve face to face & online presentation skills.

Career highlights:

•Developing & writing about innovations in e-learning, the use of social networking tools (including Google+ Hangouts, Skype, & others for live presentations), and the development of social learning centers

•Writing courses for online delivery; webinars & other personalized online learning opps; presenting at regional and national conferences

•Helping health care (hospice) employees learn to use mobile devices for medical record-keeping purposes/working with Blue Shield of California's Health Reform Program Instructional Design Team to help staff implement the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

•More than 20 years of experience working with community-based organizations, nonprofits, libraries, and government agencies to facilitate sustainable collaborations with their constituents

•Active involvement in the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD), where I served as an advisor on the National Advisors for Chapters and helped rebuild a chapter on the verge of collapse

•Expanding and managing a successful workplace learning and performance (training) program for the 850 employees in the multi-facility San Francisco Public Library system

•Creating, nurturing, and engaging in effective volunteer programs

•Nonprofit board management, including general administration and strategy management

•More than 30 years of writing and editing for publication

I served as President of the Board (2010) with the Mount Diablo Chapter of the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) and worked on a variety of national ASTD activities as a member of the National Advisors for Chapters (January 2011 - December 2012). I'm also active with the American Library Association, where I served on the American Libraries (magazine) Advisory Committee (July 2009 - June 2013) before beginning a two-year term on the ALA Publishing Committee (July 2013-June 2015), and the New Media Consortium, where I've served on the 2011- 2014 Horizon Project (Higher Ed) Advisory Boards. Current activities include service on the San Francisco Parks Alliance Parks Policy Council (2014)

You’ll find more information, including writing samples and training resources, on my website at

Writer, trainer, instructional designer, presenter, social media strategist, consultant
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    Writing, training, presenting, consulting, present
  • PG&E, PCI Webinars, ALA Editions (webinars and online courses), Blue Shield of California, Sutter VNA (Visiting Nurse Association) & Hospice, San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Monterey Peninsula Museum of Art, others
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